Disney Confessions That Could Get Our Disney Card Revoked

Okay, so I adore Disney. I’ll watch Disney movies all day long, head to a Disney performance any chance I get, and even drive across the country from Florida to California just to check out Disneyland if given the opportunity. I’m a total fanatic, and cannot get enough of that magical feeling that Disney doles out so readily in every park, show, movie, and song. My favorite thing Disney offers, though? Walt Disney World, of course. All that said, there is something I have to confess: I don’t love everything about Disney World. Not only that, there are many quintessential Disney World experiences that everyone else seems to love that I simply do not enjoy. Admitting this is hard. These are things I know I should adore, things every other Disney fan I’ve talked to can’t get enough of, but no matter how hard I try, I just don’t get it.

1. I Never Arrive at Rope Drop

First on the list: rope drop. After having a Disney World annual pass for 7 years straight, I’ve arrived at Disney parks at rope drop 2 times in my entire life. I didn’t enjoy either rope drop visit and didn’t understand how in the world waking up at the crack of dawn and feeling tired and run-down all day was worth saving a few minutes in line. Heck, I’m not even sure we saved any time, for that matter. I would much rather sleep in, take my time getting ready and enjoying my coffee, and then enjoy the parks feeling well rested and alert. I will admit that I am definitely a night owl, and this is likely why I feel this way. I’ll gladly stay in a park until midnight on the rare occasion that I am given the opportunity to do so, but anytime before 10am is just too early to be in a theme park, even if it is the most magical one on earth.

2. Test Track is Kind Of Boring

Call me crazy, but I don’t understand the hype surrounding Test Track. Yes, it is kind of fun to design a car, but the ride itself certainly isn’t anything to write home about. It offers very few thrills, is in dire need of an update, and much of what the “SIM Cars” do could easily be replicated in my own car. Considering the car design stations are closed at the moment, and that when they are open you can design a vehicle without waiting in the ridiculously long queue, I simply can’t justify a long wait for such a subpar ride. I might ride if the line is short, and will sometimes take the time to wait for the sake of my son (who adores the attraction), but in my opinion, this one is overhyped.

3. Turkey Legs Just Aren’t Good, Guys

Let’s talk for a minute about turkey legs. These are the same sort of thing you might get at a medieval festival or a state fair. They’re huge, yes, and make for a very filling snack or a portable meal option. Many people seem to love these things, saying they are the best turkey legs on the planet. The problem is, turkey legs aren’t actually that good to begin with. They’re too salty for one thing, and watching people munching on a giant bird leg is kind of gross too. I’ll stick with Dole Whip and Cheeseburger Spring Rolls.

4. I Don’t Love Wearing Mickey Ears

Mickey ears are adorable. They’re a great way to show you are a Disney fan, and because there are so many different kinds, you can even use them to let your personality shine through. I totally understand why people love these super cute accessories. Unfortunately, I just don’t like wearing them. They are heavy, often giving me a headache when I wear them for too long. Besides that, they tend to push on the backs of my ears, which is very uncomfortable after a while. Lastly, they’re just another thing to keep up with when they have to be removed for the faster rides. Because of all this, while I love my Ariel-themed ears, I only wear them occasionally and only because they are incredibly cute.

5. Space Mountain is Too Jerky

The Disney “mountains”—Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, and Expedition Everest—are classics, and most would put them in the category of must-do rides. I actually agree with this. Everyone should try all of the mountain rides at least once. That said, I’m not a big fan of Space Mountain. Don’t get me wrong, I think the theming for this ride is lots of fun, and the idea of shooting through the dark is pretty thrilling. Unfortunately, the track is just too jerky, and since I can’t see what’s coming next, I almost always end this ride feeling a bit thrown around.

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6. Disney Cupcakes are Gross

Turkey legs aren’t the only Disney food I dislike. The cupcakes at Walt Disney World also aren’t very good at all, in my opinion. I know there are many who would disagree, and my dislike of these cupcakes likely has something to do with the fact that I don’t love tons of frosting, but these cupcakes always seem a bit dry and overly sweet to me, and I’d much rather have another Disney treat instead.

That’s my list, folks. I know some of these things might sound completely crazy, but I’m betting there are a few people out there who agree with me on some of these points. Why not give these things a try and see how you feel about them for yourself?

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