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1 Simple Tip That Will Change Your Disney World Experience

Sometimes the simplest and most affordable Disney world hacks can make ALL the difference when you’re on your full-day Walt Disney World adventure. This one might be the best yet.

Whether you’re visiting the Walt Disney World in the summertime and you’ll be going on all the water rides to cool down, or whether you end up visiting on a wet rainy day, this hack doesn’t take up space in your bag and keeps things organized. Ready?

Ziploc or resealable bags.


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Throwing a few small and gallon-sized Ziploc bags in your purse or backpack will make your life so much easier and here’s why.

Wet Clothes Storage

Like many Guests that visit Walt Disney World Resort in the summer,  you’re probably going to keep heading straight to all the water rides for a nice cooldown. Even though we recommend being a bit wet to keep you cool on those hot days, there is seriously nothing worse than walking across the Disney Parks in wet socks and eventually pruney feet. Similarly, if you go to the Walt Disney World Parks on a rainy day, your feet will get soaked pretty quickly!

Pop your soggy socks or other drenched clothing items into a Ziploc bag to keep them from making everything in your bag wet.


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Dry Bag Capabilities

Ok so Ziploc bags aren’t exactly dive-bags that will keep all your valuables dry, but they will keep your small electronics dry when you bring your bag on water rides. Honestly, it seems that sometimes the scariest part of a Disney water ride is wondering if the electronics inside your bag will survive the soak. Nowadays most phones are at least a bit water-resistant, but cameras and battery packs, not so much.

Learn from this Disney tip and pop your electronics in a gallon-sized Ziploc bag when going on water rides to save yourself the worry!

Food Storage


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We love a to-go box as much as the next person when dining at Disney restaurants. Sometimes the portions can be so tasty but so big, that you have to take the rest with you. Well, save yourself the hassle of carrying around a bulky box all day and store your food in Ziploc bags to keep in your backpack. You can separate the foods into different size bags so everything doesn’t get mushed together just make sure to seal the bags thoroughly so you aren’t left with your lunch at the bottom of your backpack.

It’s also a great option for saving a few bucks and transporting your own snacks into the Park.

This Disney World hack seems incredibly simple and potentially extremely useful. Resealable bags won’t take up much space in your bag, but might make your experience all the better!

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