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You’ve probably been to Disney’s private island Castaway Cay if you’ve taken a Disney Cruise Line sailing to the Bahamas. Disney’s private island paradise, Castaway Cay, offers guests the chance to relax on the beach, partake in water sports, and more. Well, the island is about to have a new addition!

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A memorial display will be put in place to recognize families who have traveled on the ship 50 or more times. This fall, a display honoring the legacy of the Castaway Club will be added to Disney’s Castaway Cay. The names of these families will be displayed on the vibrant fence, which will be erected close to the island’s post office.

Disney wants to thank all the families that have spent time together as Castaway Club members on Castaway Cay. A commemorative display erected on the private island will include names of families who have sailed with Disney Cruise Line 50 or more times.

According to Disney, “This will recognize the legacy and heart of the Castaway Club, our members.”

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Anyone who has previously cruised with Disney Cruise Line is regarded as a member of the Castaway Club. The first tier, Silver, includes at least one sailing. Gold and Platinum members have each taken a cruise five times, whereas Pearl members have taken a cruise twenty-five times. The Pearl tier, which was only introduced this year, will therefore represent all Castaway Club members on the new display.
If you have a cruise planned for this autumn, be sure to keep an eye out for the exhibit. It will go up somewhere this season.


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Disney Cruise Line owns two private islands, including Lighthouse Point in the Bahamas, which will soon be accessible to tourists. Castaway Cay is one of the islands. Disney also intends to reveal some brand-new information regarding the Disney Treasure, the newest vessel in its fleet.

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