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Disney Drops First Trailer for Avatar: The Way of Water

Wow, this movie has been a long time in coming. It seems that talks of the sequel began just after the first Avatar (2009) film was released 13 YEARS AGO.

Well, Disney has finally dropped the first trailer for this highly anticipated Avatar sequel (Avatar 2: The Way of Water) today, on May 9.

“Wherever we go, this family is out fortress.” Watch the brand-new teaser for Avatar: The Way of WAter. Experience it only in theaters December 16, 2022″

James Cameron finally brings us this sequel that, from the trailer, shows off some seriously impressive CGI technology and cinematography. Is anyone else feeling some wanderlust for Pandora after watching this trailer?  A trip to Animal Kingdom, anyone?

Given away by the title and the trailer, it looks like we will be exploring Pandora’s ocean and its aquatic inhabitants in this highly anticipated sequel. There’s clearly, conflict, destruction, love, and a pregnant Neytiri.

Credit: Photo by Twentieth Century-Fox Film

Credit: Photo by Twentieth Century-Fox Film

Another announcement that materialized recently was Avatar 2: The Way of Water would not be released straight to Disney+. Since the pandemic, it has been a popular move for studios to release their motion picture films straight to streaming services since cinemas and movie theaters were temporarily closed for what felt like forever.

Well, this blockbuster film has announced it will not be going straight to Disney+, and we think that’s for the best. Half of the experience with the first Avatar movie was experiencing Pandora and all of the action on the big screen or even immersive Imax screens.


Credit: Disney

Disney has decided to send this film straight to cinemas which will surely break some box office records, being it has been 13 years in the waiting and is one of the most (if not the most) highly anticipated films of 2022.

There is no word yet on how long it will be until this next Avatar film is on Disney+, but we expect that more announcements, trailers, and promo images will come in the following months, giving us some plot line hints, images of Pandora, and more.

Stay tuned.

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