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The Disney Runway: Planning Stylish Looks for Your Trip

So much has changed regarding Walt Disney World and how we prepare for our Disney vacation. There was a time when the Parks mainly attracted families with small children and minimal planning was required. Now, it can take months of preparation and study to execute a great Disney vacation.

Additionally, the target audience has expanded from “kids and kids at heart” to a seemingly even more versatile base. Honeymooners, college students, and adults traveling without children are just as common in the Walt Disney World Resort as a nuclear family.

So, you may be wondering what else has changed. Well, along with Disney’s wider audience and vast park improvements, we’ve seen a Disney fashion renaissance. You’ll still see basic sweatshirts with Mickey and his crew, but a lot of Guests are having a blast taking their Disney experience and outfit planning to the next level. While the fan-created holiday, Dapper Day, still encourages guests to dress up in their snazziest vintage outfits, sharp outfits are no longer confined to this day.

Buckle up fashionistas! Today we’re going to discuss how to plan for some adorable head-to-toe Disney Park looks. You’ll be ready for your close-up in no time with these Disney fashion and packing tips.

Dapper Day

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Does Anyone Still Wear a Hat?

Yes, they do! Having a couple of cute hats on your Disney World packing list can be a game-changer.

Think of it this way. Florida is extremely humid for most of the year. Curls quickly turn to frizz and straight hair can become limp and lifeless. For years, hats have been known to save bad hair days and this is helpful in the central Florida. (Plus, you’ll shield your face from Florida sunburn.) We’d suggest packing a couple of baseball caps with subtle Disney theming. Then you can easily throw your stubborn hair into a ponytail or leave it hitting your shoulders.

If you’d like a more feminine or classic look, consider adding a bucket or sun hat to your Disney packing list. These timeless, but effective accessories can do wonders and trick people into thinking you spent time on your hair. Just be careful not to smash any structured hats in your luggage!


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Glow Up with Makeup

Speaking of Florida humidity, is it worth putting makeup on? We’d argue, yes. You can be strategic with your makeup routine, without being a beauty expert.

First, consider using a foundation that has SPF in it, like products made by Clinique or Bare Minerals. This way, you can smooth out your color and avoid putting on sunscreen. Next, use a primer for your eyes. This will keep eyeshadow from wiping off almost immediately. For lipstick, try using a lip stain instead of traditional lipstick or gloss.

And lastly, bring a makeup setting spray to put on afterwards. Available through almost every makeup retailer and Amazon, a couple of sprays will keep your makeup in place no matter how much you sweat. (Just talk to any bride who had their makeup done. They all used setting spray.) With just a couple of new products in your Disney park bag, you’ll be ready for some flawless Disney Park selfies.


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Disney-Inspired Mani/Pedis

Getting a proper manicure/pedicure before a vacation is an absolute must for some. Whether you go to a salon or do your own nails, consider using your nails to show Disney spirit.

The internet is swarming with Disney-inspired looks, so check out sites like Pinterest and Etsy for character-specific designs. A professional may even be able to recreate them for you.

If you prefer the DIY route, do some online shopping for nail wraps. Nail wraps, stickers applied with minimal heat to your nail, last much longer than normal polish and come in intricate patterns. Many people will think they were professionally done. Don’t forget to show off your gorgeous Disney nails in their own “selfie” with Cinderella’s Castle at the Magic Kingdom.

disney nails

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Park Ensembles

The weather will dictate your outfit choices and lightweight/breathable pieces are Florida standards. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a balance between functional and fashionable.

Shorts and tank tops are fine, but dresses are becoming increasingly popular in the Parks. Disney even sells Park-inspired ones on property and at Other retailers, like Hot Topic and BoxLunch, also sell Disney sundresses that range from a “hint” of Disney style to bursting with magic.

If you’re not a dress person, these same stores sell unique Disney shirts, leggings, and zip-up Disney sweatshirts. Stuff lots of options into some packing cubes. No matter what the crazy southern weather does, you can put an outfit together that will shine in Walt Disney World Memory Maker photos.

Dapper Day

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If the Slipper Fits…

Please don’t ignore this Disney packing tip. A comfortable shoe is so important for Walt Disney World theme parks!

Many Guests swear by their favorite sneakers for a Disney vacation. We do recommend bringing a good pair of tennis shoes, but we can show some love to practical sandals. More than ever before, shoe manufacturers are designing flip flops and sandals that successfully marry day-long comfort and sleek fashion. Fan-favorite shoe brands include Tevas, Sanuks (sold in Disney Springs), and Olukais. (Any of their shoes or flip flops would look great with a Disney sundress!)

Shoe comfort is subjective, so we recommend test-driving and breaking shoes in before your trip. Every glass slipper won’t be a winner, but once you find “the” brand, you’ll fall in love.

Like so many things, fashion is subjective and at the end of the day, make sure your Disney packing list includes outfits that make you feel comfortable and confident. If you feel fabulous, you will look fabulous!

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