Essentials To Pack For a Walt Disney World Vacation

As you get ready for a Walt Disney World vacation, we have some essentials you will want to make sure you pack for your magical trip.

These items will help make your vacation a lot easier and smoother if you have them with you.

Take a look at our Disney packing list and see if there is anything you need to add to your list before heading down to Walt Disney World.

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Sun Protection

No matter when you head down to Walt Disney World, you will want to make sure you have sun protection on your packing list. Even if the weather forecast says cloudy and rainy the whole time your Walt Disney World vacation, we highly recommend that you have some sun protection with you.

Sunscreen and chapstick with SPF are extremely important when visiting Walt Disney World. The Florida sun can be extremely harsh, and you will want to keep your skin protected.

Hats are another great way to protect yourself from those intense UV rays. If you have little ones, hats are important to help them stay protected from the sun.

Sunglasses are another important item to bring to Walt Disney World to protect your eyes from the sun. It will be extremely bright in the Parks, so make sure you are ready with sunglasses for everyone.

Don’t leave home without sunscreen, chapstick, and a hat and sunglasses. These will help keep you safe from those harsh rays while on your Disney vacation.

Credit: Inside the Magic

Credit: Inside the Magic

Rain Gear

Like with sun protection, you will want to make sure you pack rain gear no matter what the weather forecast says before you leave for Walt Disney World.

Pop-up rain storms happen all the time in Disney, and you want to be ready for them by having rain gear in your bag.

Think about what would work best for you and your family. Umbrellas, ponchos, and rain jackets are all excellent options when it comes to preparing for rain.

Don’t get stuck unprepared in a Disney Park; get your rain gear ready to go so you can stay dry.

credit: amazon

credit: amazon

Portable Chargers

A Disney vacation to Walt Disney World has become more and more focused on the My Disney Experience App.

Your phone is important for getting into your Resort room, ordering food, accessing Disney Genie and Genie+, and much more.

Don’t get caught with a dead phone because of how important your phone is during your vacation. Pack those extra portable chargers so you can recharge throughout the day at the Park.

Having portable chargers for everyone with a phone can make a huge difference and keep you connected at Disney.

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Another item that isn’t required but we think is essential to a Walt Disney World vacation is a MagicBand.

MagicBands are no longer offered for free, but Guests can choose to purchase them ahead of time or even once they arrive at Walt Disney World.

MagicBands are a great way to add Disney magic to your outfit, but they are also super convenient.

MagicBands allow Guests to access their Resort room, Theme Park, and Lighting Lanes. You can also use them to pay for items if you’re staying on property.

We feel like these make a Disney vacation a lot easier and feel like they are essential to a Walt Disney World vacation.

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Extra Shoes

When heading down to Walt Disney World, make sure to pack extra shoes for everyone.

You will walk anywhere from eight to twelve miles a day, which most don’t do at home daily. Because of this, you will want to make sure you have comfortable shoes to walk in.

Don’t forget to bring an extra pair of shoes as well. If your shoes get wet or if they do start to rub, having a pair to switch into can make a huge difference.

Ziplock Bags

Another packing tip that we find super helpful to have during a Walt Disney World trip is ziplock bags in various sizes.

We use ziplock for keeping our items dry during water rides or even during rainstorms. They are also nice to store extra food for a snack later on.

Bigger ziplocks can be great for when items get dirty as well throughout the day.

Ziplocks are essential, in our opinion, to a Walt Disney World vacation, and we think you will find them extremely helpful as well.

credit: insidethemagic

credit: insidethemagic

Hand Sanitizer and Wipes

Even before the current times, we found hand sanitizer and wipes essential to bring on a Walt Disney World vacation.

Although Disney does a fantastic job of keeping surfaces sanitized and cleaned, we like having our hand sanitizer with us for convenience.

Wipes are nice for when hands and faces get messy with a delicious Mickey bar as well.

Snacks and Water Bottle

Finally, even though there are snacks everywhere in Walt Disney World, we still like to have some with us at all times.

We have learned that it never fails that someone gets hungry in the middle of a line. Having some quick snacks can save the moment and keep everyone moving.

We also know that staying hydrated in the Florida heat and humidity is important. We like to keep a water bottle with us to refill with free water from Disney throughout the Park.

We feel some of the items are essential to pack for a successful trip to Walt Disney World. Some of them, like sunscreen, water bottles, and snacks are important for each vacation; however, other items like MagicBands and ziplocks will make the trip smoother.

We hope these help you have a fantastic trip as you prepare to pack.

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