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Disney Gave One Family a Christmas Miracle After Christmas Gifts Were Destroyed

Disney is a magical place, and stories that go above and beyond for a family deserve to be shared. This is one of those stories.

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Kaila and her family were traveling from El Paso, Texas, to California on a dream Disney vacation. The family decided to do their Christmas shopping at the Theme Parks since there are plenty of gift shops at Disney.


When Kaila and her family got to the airport in California to head home to El Paso, they checked their luggage and boarded the plane. They trusted that all their luggage would make it back with them safe and sound and that those gifts would be under the tree on Christmas morning.


Instead of picking up their bags at the carousel when they returned, they found out a nightmare that many people worry about with flying. Part of their luggage had been run over by airport staff, and it was more than $1,000 worth of gifts.

They were devastated and went to the Southwest office to find a solution and get answers. When you check your bag, you trust that it will make it to your destination without this happening. It was only two days before Christmas, and they explained to Southwest employees how they needed these gifts for their family.


Since they were back home, it’s not like they could just run to the Park and repurchase these gifts. They had no idea what they would do, and they were so sad and upset. Anyone would be in their situation.



Even though they had receipts that show that they had spent $1,000 on these gifts, Southwest Airlines only offered them $250 for the damaged items. They were also offered a voucher for the family’s future trip, but that still doesn’t help them on Christmas morning.


This is where the sad story has a happy ending. Disney had found out about this family’s nightmare. A representative from Disney decided to step in and become this family’s Christmas miracle. They had a record of the gifts that they had purchased, and on Christmas Eve, they were surprised to find a package delivered to their door.

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Disney replaced all the broken gifts, and they even made it to their house in time for Christmas. It shows that there are good people out there in the world and that Disney still has that magic that everybody loves. The fact that they can save this family’s Christmas and give them hope is priceless.

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