Disney+ Is No Longer the Most Magical or Inexpensive Service

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Is there anything better than having a Disney movie at your fingertips at all times? Maybe a Mickey-shaped ice cream bar in your freezer at all times, but that’s a close second. Disney+ brought all of our favorite Disney films to the center of our homes with the streaming service platform. Not just Disney movies but shows, shorts, and documentaries. Also, including Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic, there is always something to stream on the service.

Disney+ has to stay competitive and relevant with the other services offered. Although its content is unique, it’s still a business nonetheless. With that said, fans may not be happy with a change coming to the streaming service. In short, Disney+ is about to get a whole lot more expensive.

Disney Plus

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Today, August 9, The Walt Disney Company released its third-quarter earnings. Amongst the many numbers and percentages are now the changes that are going to impact the streaming service.

Disney+ Price Increase

Extracting from the third-quarter earnings comes an increase in Disney+ pricing. The shocking reveal may upset some fans as the prices will be effective starting September 6, 2023. As Disney Dining reported, “Subscribers can expect to pay $13.99 per month for a commercial-free experience, marking a 27% increase from its current price.” Unfortunately, for those not interested in the price hike, their streaming will still come at a cost. The monthly cost will remain at $7.99 but comes with a catch, commercials.

The price increase structure comes as Disney reviews the success of the streaming service. It is no secret that Disney+ is a popular service with, like I said, unique content. It’s the only place you can get your fix of your favorite Disney Princess, watch Disney Park specials, and enjoy iconic animated films like Toy Story (1995).

Toy Story toys running across street under cones

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As Deadline reported, “Disney+ had 146.1 million total global paid subscribers at the end of June, down from last quarter.” The streaming service is creating the revenue Disney needs and can only further help with the goals Bob Iger has put into place. Some Disney fans will find this news to be difficult, as inflation is already hitting homes in various ways. Equally important, Disney could argue that the additional revenue from the streaming service can assist with more content creation, generating only more Disney movies and shows we love.

Disney Fans Are Unhappy

Unsurprisingly, fans are not taking the news well. Naturally, fans took to social media to express their concerns. In the comment section of Scott Gustin’s post, fans wrote out their frustrations. Many comments were along the same gist of discontinuing their membership. One user wrote, “Disney needs to be careful or risks becoming A rotation service. I don’t need it every month; I pay for the convenience. If you charge too much and don’t put out enough content, you just become part of the rotation like Peacock, Paramount, Hulu, and Max.”

What are your thoughts on Disney+ price increases?

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