Disney Park Secrets Are About to Be Revealed on Disney+

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Have you ever wondered how your favorite attractions came about? Who are the masterminds behind your home away from home? So many members of The Walt Disney Company have played a role in all aspects of Disney Parks. Disneyland opened in 1955, and after the groundbreaking theme Park took the country by storm, Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, was next in line.

Since Disneyland’s opening, Disney has Parks worldwide, including Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland, Tokyo Disney Resort, and Shanghai Disneyland. Each Park is unique in their own respects yet still harbors the same classic attractions. Though some Parks have added a twist to the iconic rides, they are beloved nonetheless.

Disney Parks are known for their magic. The attractions that started that very magic include Pirates of the Caribbean, “its a small world”, Jungle Cruise, Haunted Mansion, and Space Mountain, to name a few. But I pose the question of one simple word: how? I am sure I am not the only one who has gawked at Cinderella Castle, rode Big Thunder Mountain, or sat on Frozen Ever After and thought simply, how?

Cinderella's Castle

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Imagineers are some of the most skilled and talented workers in their respective industries, creating attractions, visuals, and smells to create lasting memories. Using state-of-the-art technology, Imagineers can craft rides, entertainment, and dining experiences, including our favorite Disney characters.

In 2021, Disney released a show on Disney+, allowing fans to see behind the curtain of what goes on at Disney Parks. Behind the Attraction featured a season chockful of secrets from favorite attractions at Parks worldwide. Now, Disney is releasing season two of Behind the Attraction to let fans get yet another sneak peek into the world of Disney.

Behind the Attraction

Behind the Attraction Season Two will premiere on November 1, on Disney+. The series will take fans on a journey behind the scenes of brand-new storylines that have never been told in this way before. Excitingly, the season will not just be about attractions but also include dining and nighttime entertainment!

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As if this show wasn’t enticing enough to learn more about “The Most Magical Place On Earth” or places, as it features various Parks, it is featuring one of my favorites, food! Churros, DOLE Whip, Turkey Legs, say no more!

Season Two

“The series from Disney Branded Television is executive produced by Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia from Seven Bucks Productions and Brian Volk-Weiss from The Nacelle Company. Narrated by Paget Brewster (“Criminal Minds”), the original series gives viewers an exclusive peek “behind the curtain” of the most beloved attractions and destinations at Disney Parks and Resorts around the world,” Disney writes.

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Behind the Attraction portrays how Disney creates the magic we all know and love. Season two will feature six new topics: Pirates of the Caribbean, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Indiana Jones Adventure, EPCOT, The Food, and Nighttime Spectaculars. From Walt’s ideas for Audio-Animatronics figures for Pirates of the Caribbean to “technological innovations like projection mapping, mist screens, and even drones” for nighttime shows, Behind the Attraction lets fans see so much more than a concept to creation.

As a Disney fan, witnessing how your favorite ride, snack, and show are not only created but run is inspiring. More so, understanding how the magic stays alive in the Parks and how Imagineers are able to foster that is truly like watching magic form in front of your eyes. Behind the Attraction is the perfect series for those ready to add more fun facts to their Disney knowledge.

Watch the trailer below to prepare for the exciting new adventure Disney+ is ready to take us on!

Will you be tuning in on November 1 to watch the new episodes of Behind the Attraction?

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