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Disney World Passholders Now Need Mobile App to Verify Validity

Walt Disney World is cracking down on Passholders to verify their identity when using their pass for discounts and special offers. Previously, Disney World Annual Passholders have been required to show their ID at the time of using their Annual Pass, but now there is one extra step that we have confirmed to be true.

There has been no official release from Disney Parks yet concerning this new detail, but we do have a reporter on the ground who confirmed this rumor with a Cast Member working at Walt Disney World.


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The new Annual Passes no longer have physical dates printed on them, as they used to. Now instead, Passholders must show their pass, their personal ID card, and log in to the ‘My Disney Experience App’ to pull up their Passholder information with expiry dates, as proof to obtain discounts on dining and merch.

This additional extra step will come as an annoyance to many Passholders who already have a two-step process to verify their identity and validity. There is no confirmed answer as to why this change has occurred and why the expiration dates couldn’t just be kept on the annual passes themselves.


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For Passholders, this means you will now have to pull up the app, tap on the dropdown menu and select “Tickets and Passes”. Once you’re on this page, you will have to select your pass (cannot be anyone else’s in your party or friends/family) with your name on it, to show proof of your name and pass expiration date.

This new update comes at a time when many Disney World Park-goers are becoming exhausted by new systems and policy changes across the Parks. From reservations to Genie+ to virtual queues and now Passholder in-app verification. It seems Disney Parks are definitely moving towards a technology-based experience at the Theme Parks.

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