Fan Made Game Allows Guests to Visit a Vintage Disney World’s EPCOT

With just one little spark and a whole lot of computer magic, Disney fans can now travel back in time to a vintage EPCOT Center as it was on Opening Day in this new virtual reality game.

On October 24, 1982, EPCOT’s Future World and World Showcase opened to the public, inviting Disney Park Guests at the Walt Disney World Resort to celebrate creativity, experience new technologies, and dream of a better future. In fact, World’s Fair-style Pavilions represented corporate sponsors by showcasing nine different “adult-oriented” themes: communication, innovation, energy, transportation, nutritional ecosystems, imagination, the ocean, the body, and of course, the future.

Futureport 82 (@futureport82) / Twitter

Futureport 82

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Now, EPCOT Park still remains, albeit with many changes which some Guests love and others… love to hate. Luckily, for these so-called “EPCOT purists,” a retro Future World of Yesterday is now at their fingertips so long as they have a computer and a mouse!

Futureport 82, a passion project which has worked to recreate a digital version of Future World as it appeared on opening day, is a computer game available for free download. The game is not in any way affiliated with Disney Parks or the Walt Disney Company.

futureport rainbow tunnel epcot

Credit: Futureport 82

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Currently, the software features a walkthrough of the infamous Rainbow Corridor, Communicore, The Land, World of Motion, Journey Into Imagination, and other well-remembered Pavilion attractions. Moreover, the project’s Facebook describes the game as follows:

Yesterday’s future, today! A project dedicated to rendering EPCOT Center’s Future World, whether as built, as a concept, or pure fantasy. Our goal is to keep the ideals and accomplishments of EPCOT alive and fresh in our minds.

futureport vintage epcot game the land

Credit: Futureport 82

As of right now, Futureport ’82 V1.0 includes incredibly immersive walkthroughs of familiar locations, meticulously researched and rendered down to the last minute detail. However, while the game includes attractions, the rides themselves aren’t finished, with those parts supplemented with classic ride-through clips for now.
Plus, another version less dedicated to historical accuracy will provide an imaginative new take on the creator’s own version of the theme park area. You can view a live stream of the game’s launch, or click here to download the game and start exploring for yourself! Guests can find more detailed instructions on Futureport’s Facebook or Twitter.

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