Disney’s Magical Express Will Make Return Trips Through January 10th

Many Guests counted on Disney’s Magical Express service to get them to and from Orlando International Airport to their Walt Disney World Resort. It was announced that the official discontinued date will be January 1st. If you were flying in and using Disney’s Magical Express to get to your Resort, you might wonder how you’re going to get back.

Well, you are in luck if you are returning home before January 10th. This is what it says on the Orlando International Airport’s Twitter: Disney Magical Express last day to take guests to the resorts from our airport will be Dec. 31. They will continue to bring Disney guests back to the airport until Jan 10.


That means you will have a way to get back to the airport using this means of transportation as long as you return home by January 10th. This takes a little bit of the stress and question out of your return home.

If you are flying into Orlando International Airport after these dates and wonder how you’ll get to your Walt Disney World Resort, there are still options available to you. Mears Connect will be beginning to offer services of Transportation on January 1st. Starting in February, Sunshine Flyer will also be an option. These are both paid services.


As long as you have your way of transportation figured out before you arrive in Orlando, you will be all set. You can find more information about these two new services in these articles below.

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So many Guests are sad to see Disney’s Magical Express leave, but there are so many changes happening to the Parks right now. Just be excited that you have arrived in Orlando and are about to start your magical vacation.

Credit: Mears

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