Do You Know These 6 Secrets About Magic Bands at Walt Disney World?

Christy Caby
Magic Bands are one of the latest and greatest technology to be introduced to Walt Disney World.  The Magic Bands keep gaining more and more functionality and benefits for all guests.  They are now able to access almost every detail for your Disney stay so that you have access to all of your vacation package components right from your Magic Band.  Since they are such an integral part of your Disney vacation, here are 6 secrets about Magic Bands at Walt Disney World that you may not know:


6. They come in 8 different basic colors.

The Magic Bands have 8 options to pick from for the base color of the band.  The colors are pink, blue, red, green, orange, gray, purple and yellow.  With this many options, you are sure to find a color that each member of the family will love!  The bands with designs on them will have one of these colors as the base.

5. You can get them for “free”.

When you stay at a Disney resort then you will get complimentary Magic Bands for each member of your party.  The Magic Bands are what allow you access to your guest room instead of a card or key.  They also become your park ticket, dining plan, resort charge, Memory Maker, etc. so that you have access to everything associated with your vacation package right from your Magic Band.  If you purchase one of Disney’s annual pass options, you also get complimentary Magic Bands for that, too!

4.  You can decorate them.

The sky is the limit when it comes to the creativity and the ideas for decorating the Magic Bands.  There have been guests that hand paint them, use acrylic decals, use nail polish on them, add gems and jewels, etc.  You can design them after your favorite attraction, show, character, park, resort, etc.  If you are struggling for ideas check out Pinterest or various groups online for inspiration.  Guests have done some amazing things and made some of the coolest looking Magic Bands you could ever imagine.  The best part is that even if you put gems and bedazzlements on your bands, it won’t mess with the bands functioning correctly.

3.  You can personalize the color and name.

Once you link your reservation or your annual pass within your My Disney Experience account, you will receive a notification to personalize your Magic Bands.  From your My Disney Experience account, you are able to select the color of Magic Band for each member of your family.  You can also add their name, nickname or whatever they would like to appear as the text on the underside of their band.  It is a great way to tell the bands apart if members of the family want to have the same color.  Once they are personalized, they will be shipped to you closer to the time of your stay.  They will come in a really cool Incredibles-inspired box with each guest’s name by the cutout where the band is. When the package arrives, it definitely gets you pumped up and excited for your trip!

2.  There are limited edition bands (and many do some pretty cool stuff, too).

You can get the standard color bands that we have already talked about.  You can also select from a selection of printed character bands that are available for purchase within the parks.  Then there are the limited edition Magic Bands, which are especially amazing.  The bands are typically limited to 2,500 bands or so that are sold.  These bands are usually for certain events like Valentine’s Day, the Halloween Party, Christmas, etc.  Even better, they usually have added features when you enter the park or utilize FastPass+.  When you tap your band at these spots a character may talk to you or the Mickey head at the location may turn a different color than the standard green.  It is a lot of fun and adds extra magic to the experience.  I absolutely love my Christmas Party band, and it has me wanting to collect all of the limited edition bands!


1.  You can design your own Magic Band.

Now you can utilize the retail Magic Band on demand location in the Magic Kingdom in Tomorrowland to make your own custom Magic Band!  You can select the band color that you want and then select your graphics and text that you want on the band!  It is so much fun and then you get exactly what you want.  You get something that is totally custom and perfectly suited to your personality and favorites.  They are also amazing souvenirs from your trip, and even better, you can use them every time you come and visit!

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