Do You Know These 6 Secrets About Quick Service Dining at Walt Disney World?

Christy Caby
There are so many quick service dining locations all over property. They are throughout each of the theme parks as well as the water parks and resorts. Almost all of these locations have amazing themes and details, along with absolutely delicious meals and menu items. You definitely shouldn’t count out quick service dining on your next trip. Plus, if you don’t know these secrets, keep reading as it may really enhance your next experience. Here are 6 secrets about quick service dining at Walt Disney World:


6. Free water.

There aren’t many things at Disney World that are free, but when you are at a quick service location, water is one of them. You could buy bottled water of course, but you can save yourself the money and get a cup of ice water. Any location that serves fountain sodas can also give free ice water. You just have to ask for the number of ice waters that you want and you will get them for absolutely no charge! Plus as many refills as you want!

5. So much more than just standard theme park food.

When you think of theme park food, you may think of burgers, hot dogs, nachos, etc. You can definitely find these food items and many variations of them, but you can also find so much more! Many of the quick service dining locations are culinary experiences with items like waffle sandwiches, specialty macaroni and cheeses, barbeque ribs, fish, crab sandwiches, sushi, etc. These are REAL meals and so far beyond the normal theme park food. Plus, it is DELICIOUS! If it is one thing that never happens at Disney World for us, it is leaving without full, satisfied stomachs and taste buds!

4. You may still need to make reservations.

As new restaurants open, Disney has started to try a new format with quick service dining where you actually make a reservation. Not only do you make a reservation for the meal, but you can also pre-order what you want via My Disney Experience, that way your food is ready much faster when you arrive and brought to your table. It makes it very much like a table service meal without ordering from the table and the wait staff. Currently the restaurants that offer this service are Be Our Guest (lunch) and The Skipper Canteen. These are definitely ones worth making a reservation for, and you will love how simple the ordering online is. I hope they do this with more quick service locations!

3. Kid’s meals aren’t just for kids!

Looking to save a little money or maybe not all that hungry? You can order a kid’s meal for yourself or any other adult. The cast at the counter where you order don’t really check for the number of kids in your party or ask any questions about the number of kid’s meals ordered. So this may be a great option for you depending on your needs and budget.

2. Consider sharing meals. (Saves money and/or Disney Dining Plan entitlements, too!)

So again, maybe you aren’t that hungry or you have a tight budget. Well quick service meals are definitely a great opportunity to share. The meals are usually pretty large and enough for 2 people to have a decent meal to tide you over until the next meal. If you are on the Disney Dining Plan, this can save you a lot of entitlements, especially on the Deluxe Dining Plan. If you share you can save up entitlements to use for more table service meals or 2-entitlement signature meals so that you get the most bang for your buck. Whatever the reason, definitely give sharing a try if you don’t think you need a full meal. Saves you calories, too!


1. Endless drink refills (and carry it with you).

One great thing about quick service restaurants is that there are usually fountain beverage machines and you can refill your drink as much as you want. Since the cups are paper cups with lids and straws, you can even take a full cup with you to carry as you move on through the parks so that you get the most bang for your buck out of your beverage purchase. This can save you some extra dollars each trip and keep you full with your favorite drink!

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