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Do You Know These Hidden Mickeys in Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios?

You may think your days of hide-and-seek are far behind you, but not at Walt Disney World!  

Have you ever noticed a Mickey-shaped head, profile or body on WDW property where it really shouldn’t be? Perhaps it was hidden in otherwise Mickey-free floor tiles, strategically placed in a queue mural, or lurking on shop signage. Congratulations, you’ve found a Hidden Mickey!

Hidden Mickeys can be found throughout Walt Disney World’s theme parks, Disney Springs, and Disney Resort Hotels.  

They could be made of anything, from cement to paint to rock, and they could be any size – the tiniest one we’ve seen was the size of a dime, and the biggest was a massive rock formation. Hidden Mickeys can also be Hidden-Other-Disney-Characters, not Mickeys at all.

Credit: Disney Tips

So, keep your eyes peeled on your next Walt Disney World vacation – you never know what you might discover!  Here are some amazing Hidden Mickeys at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Park.

The Hollywood Brown Derby

It’s not often that you’ll see a sign telling you “There’s a Hidden Mickey right here, can you see it?”.  

After all, that would defeat the purpose of discovering these gems on your own! (Of course, it could be argued that pointing out Hidden Mickeys in an online article also defeats this purpose, which is why we won’t post photos of these Hidden Mickeys, to leave the thrill of discovery to you!)


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But this Hidden Mickey at The Hollywood Brown Derby at Disney’s Hollywood Studios may as well have a flashing neon arrow pointing at it! Check out the Guest book on display, and you’ll see a message from celebrity chef Alex Guarnaschelli, asking Guests to find the Hidden Mickey in the Brown Derby Grapefruit Cake artwork on the same page.  

It’s super tiny, but it’s there!  Tip: look at the corners of the cake.  And then maybe get yourself an actual piece of delicious Grapefruit Cake, while you’re at it.

Massive Hidden Mickey Under Your Feet

It’s one of the biggest Hidden Mickeys on Walt Disney World property.

So big, in fact, that you won’t be able to see the whole thing from your vantage point on the ground. But every time Guests walk around Hollywood Studios, they’re stepping on a Hidden Mickey built into the landscaping, buildings, lake, and pathways of the Park.

The bottom of this mammoth Hidden Mickey is formed by Grauman’s Chinese Theater, and you’d see it if you looked towards the entrance of the Park from this spot – assuming you could levitate, that is.  

You can check out aerial views of this colossal Hidden Mickey online. It’s a bit harder to see nowadays, but it’s there – and if you look at images from the Park’s opening in 1989, it’s impossible to miss. We love that Disney Imagineers took the time to design Hollywood Studios around a Hidden Mickey that could only ever be seen from the air!


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Tower of Terror

There aren’t many rides at Walt Disney World that we’d choose to wait in line for if given an alternative – but The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is one of them!  

The queue for this spooky attraction is almost as thrilling as the harrowing ride itself. Eerie, echoey jazz music from the 1930s, a hotel lobby frozen in time and adorned with cobwebs a la Haunted Mansion, and a creepy library replete with artifacts, books, and – oh yes – clips from The Twilight Zone, featuring Rod Serling (voiced by Mark Silverman).


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Just in case you need another reason to love Tower of Terror, keep your eyes peeled for the appearance of the little girl in the preshow video. You’ll notice she’s holding an era-appropriate Mickey Mouse doll, which she still has when she appears on the ride itself. Ghostly Hidden Mickeys for the win!

Muppet*Vision 3-D

There’s nowhere in Disney’s Hollywood Studios we love to search for Easter eggs more than at Muppet*Vision 3-D. Inside jokes, hilarious signs, hidden keys, rubber chickens, and more – it’s all here, and there’s zero chance of Guests spotting everything before the doors open and you’re ushered into the theater!

But that’s ok because there are Hidden Mickeys in the theater itself. Check out the red panels on the wall and on the front of the raised box where Statler and Waldorf emerge to heckle the Muppet gang.  

You’ll notice the gold wreaths on the panels form a very familiar shape. Also, Guests with eagle eyes may see a decidedly Mickey-shaped balloon in the background at the end of the show, as Kermit bids farewell.

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith is surprisingly full of Hidden Mickeys (we’re guessing Mickey is a fan of rock music).  Guests don’t even have to venture far into the ride queue before encountering their first Hidden Mickey!


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When you walk through the pre-show room with the group posters, pay attention to the floor. As you exit, you’ll see two tiny Hidden Mickeys in adjacent panels hidden in the floor tiles.

Bonus Hidden Mickey: every ride vehicle limo has a Hidden Mickey in the upper right corner of the license plate. So don’t forget to sneak a peek at the limo in front of you!  

Bottom Line

Guests can buy books and read online articles like this one about the estimated 1,000+ Hidden Mickeys scattered across Walt Disney World property, and you could easily start a Hidden-Mickey-sighting competition with your family while you’re on vacation.  

Perhaps the most rewarding is the Hidden Mickey you stumble upon by looking at precisely the right place at the right time!  Happy hunting!

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