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Drinking Around Epcot’s World Showcase At Walt Disney World

Drinking around the world in Epcot’s World Showcase is a fun way to experience the 21+ side of the Walt Disney World Resort. This fun day-trip around the world, like the rest of Walt Disney World is not without some planning. Check out our tips for making the most out of your excursion around Epcot’s World Showcase:


1. Start Early

Drinking around the world in Epcot’s World Showcase should be an all-day event. Many of the guests who end up sick to their stomachs from spending the day indulging at the park are simply experiencing the result of drinking so much in a short amount of time. Plan to arrive at World Showcase when it opens around 11:00 am, and spend the entire day, staying all the way through the fireworks in the evening.

While drinking around the world, remember to do things besides drinking. It may sound crazy to suggest going on rides or seeing shows while the purpose of visiting the park was for drinking around the world, but you need to fill enough time to spend the whole day so you don’t end up chugging your way around the world. If you have a few drinks in you, remember that it may be best to stick to the rides in World Showcase as Future World is home to some more thrilling attractions that may not agree with you after drinking around the world.

2. Have a Plan

Are you going to have one drink in each country? Share drinks? Have only beer? The more important question is, are you going to start or end in Mexico, assuming your visit will include at least margaritas if not tequila shots. At a minimum, put some strategy into how you’ll go about the day, where you’ll stop for lunch, and of course, how much you’re planning on spending.

Drinking around the world can easily run you $100/person or more, so you may want to research some menus ahead of time and decide how much you’re looking to spend. For drinking around the world on a budget, consider sharing drinks, skipping every other country, or sticking to beer and wine over mixed drinks.


3. Snack Between Drinks

One way to keep yourself from getting too obliterated is to snack around the world throughout the day. Doing so will keep the alcohol in your system from wreaking havoc and ruining the your day in the park. It’s especially easy to snack around Epcot during special events when outdoor kitchens are set up, like the International Flower and Garden Festival or the International Food and Wine Festival, though you can always order small items throughout the year to keep you going.

Snacking is another consideration to factor in when deciding upon a budget. If you plan on the average $100/person for drinks, you may want to add in at least another $15-30 or so for a day’s worth of snacks.

4. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is one of the most important ways you can help keep yourself safe while drinking around the world. Ordering a water with each drink is always a good idea, but if this doesn’t appeal to you it doesn’t hurt to grab a water bottle to throw in your bag just to have on hand. And don’t forget that even though you may not think much about having water with your drinks at home, staying hydrated is even more important in Epcot due to Florida’s heat and humidity.

5. Know Your Limits

Unless you want to make a fool out of yourself in a family theme park, knowing your limits is important. If your buzz is getting to be a little too much, then it’s time to slow down. You paid lots of money to get into the park and drink around the world, you don’t want to end the day on a (literally) sour note.

If you find yourself feeling it too much in the middle of the day, look for large, doughy/breadlike snacks to help you sober up a bit. A good go-to for this if you happen to be on this side of World Showcase is a pretzel from Germany. And remember, even if you planned to have a drink in every country, there is no shame over switching to water or soda if the only alternative is making yourself sick.

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