Fans Left Disappointed after Disney’s Latest Annual Pass Update

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For frequent visitors to Disney Parks, Annual Passes offer an opportunity to spend time at the Parks all year long without having to purchase a day ticket each time. Unfortunately for Guests hoping to revisit their favorite theme parks, though, both Disneyland Magic Keys and Walt Disney World Annual Passes have been extremely challenging to come by in recent years.

At Walt Disney World, sales of new Annual Passes have not resumed since the Parks reopened during the pandemic. And while sales of new Magic Key passes have resumed at Disneyland, it has been rather hit or miss as to whether passes will actually be available when you are ready to make your purchase.

Disney's Magic Key Program

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Disney Pauses Sales for Their Believe Magic Key

Disappointing news just hit fans when it was announced that Disney is pausing Magic Key passes at Disneyland once again. Those who have been waiting to buy a Magic Key pass for Disneyland Resort are again out of luck.

For residents of Southern California, the Disneyland Magic Key system is the best way to make trips to the Disneyland Resort more affordable for locals. Since the Magic Key program was first announced, the different tiers have continued to sell out. Magic Key Annual Pass sales have been halted several times in the past.

The Magic Key system has four tiers: the Inspire Key, Believe Key, Enchant Key, and the Imagine Key. Earlier this month, Disney reopened sales for the Inspire, Believe, and Imagine Key packages. During that sale, the Imagine Key pass sold out. Now that the Believe Magic Key passes are on pause, only the Inspire Key, the most expensive option, is on sale.

The Four Magic Key Passes

The four different Magic Key Passes that exist at Disneyland Resort all have other functions and benefits.

To sum up the most significant benefits of each pass, the Imagine Key ($449), provides holders with reservation-based admission to both theme parks on select days of the year and allows up to two reservations at one time. The Enchant Key ($699), offers the same as the Imagine Key but allows four days of reservations at a time.

The Believe Key ($1,099) provides the same with up to 6 theme Park reservations at a time. The Inspire Key ($1,599) is the pass with the smallest amount of blackout dates and the best discounts on food, and merchandise. The Inspire Key also allows up to six theme Park reservations.

If you already have a Believe Magic Key Pass, you will be able to renew it for next year. For those still holding out hope to buy one, no plans to unpause the pass in the future have been announced.

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