Disneyland Cracks Down on Guests Trying To Bend the Rules For Magic Keys

Disneyland Magic Key

It seems that some Guests are unhappy with how Disney has been treating them regarding Magic Key Renewals. In the past, Disney has been more lenient in the process, willing to work with Annual Passholders. But, since Magic Keys recently returned to Disneyland Resort, Guests have found the Parks unrelenting in its rules.

For example, as most Disney fans know, children under three years old are free to enter Disneyland Resort and enjoy its offerings. In the past, Disneyland was pretty casual regarding Guests entering the Parks with young children.

Children Under 3

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Unfortunately, some took advantage of this, bringing older kids to the Parks and passing them off as younger. Usually, a Disney Cast Member would not ask questions if a child was in a stroller, looked young enough, or just turned three years old.

Now, Annual Passholders are saying that Disney is cracking down on this particular issue. Twitter user @LexisH0546 recently shared, “My sister can’t get a Magic Key for her 3-year-old (her whole family has MKs) because it is 30 days past his third birthday, and THEY ASK TO SEE HIS BIRTH CERTIFICATE!”

Magic Key

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Apparently, Disneyland has caught on to Guests trying to bend the rules, causing them to be more severe in minor scenarios. The 30-day deadline is now a hard and fast rule at Disneyland Resort, so make sure to get your child their Magic Key before the window closes and have the necessary paperwork on hand.

The strict 30-day window also applies to Guests renewing Magic Keys. Disneyland’s official website states that Guests have the option to renew their passes up to 30 days before they expire. According to Guests who’ve shared their experiences on social media, this is also a rule that Disneyland is setting in stone.

Disneyland Resort

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Reportedly, if you miss the renewal period, Disney won’t be making exceptions, so Guests should be aware not to be even a day late if they want to secure a pass. Magic Key holders who desperately want to ensure they have access to Disneyland Park for the year should be okay, as long as they follow Disney’s rules and guidelines very closely!

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