Genie+ Is So Bad, One Group of Disney Fans Is Using It As a Punishment

For the most part, Disney fans are a tight-knit group brought together by a shared love for the magic of our favorite movies, attractions, and theme parks. In short, few things can divide us. Disney’s replacement for the fan-favorite FastPass system, however, is one of those few things.

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When it comes to friendly competitions, silly punishments are always in store. Usually, when you lose a bet to your friends, you’ve got to comply with their inconvenient or uncomfortable demands. But for one Disney fan, the stakes were a little higher.

TikTok user @ournextgreatadventure_ recently “came in last in [his] fantasy football league with all of [his] Disney fans.” Each year, the group comes up with something lighthearted and just miserable enough to make a suitable punishment. This year, the friend who came in last is required to do whatever the Disney Genie itinerary recommends.


I had no intention of going back to Disney any time soon, so now I also have to find a weekend that won’t be insane to go #disneyworld #disneyparks #fantasyfootball #fantasyfootballpunishment #fantasyfootballpunishments #disneygenie #genie #distok

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Jimmy (@ournextgreatadventure_) continues, explaining that as the friend who has come in last place, he is not allowed to purchase Genie Plus or any Lightning Lanes, and must simply adhere to what Disney’s plan has in store for him.

In a deadpan demeanor, he asks, “Can you sense my excitement?”

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It seems that creative, Walt Disney World-themed punishments are nothing new for this friend group. In the comments, another TikTok user suggests, “Next year it should be loser rides nothing but It’s A Small World from rope drop to close.”

Jimmy was quick to reply, writing, “Last year we did that with the Speedway, so tried to hit a different theme this year.

Fellow Disney fans got a kick out of this punishment, and one TikTok user even wrote, “is your fantasy league accepting new members???

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TikTok user @ournextgreatadventure_ has yet to follow through on his Disney Genie day, but we can’t wait to see what this divisive service has in store for him!

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