Go Beyond the Haunted Mansion in an Event Coming to This Disney Park in 2023

Although the Disney Halloween season has come to a close, the Haunted Mansion is perfectly spooky for all seasons. After all, what’s not to love about the classic ride?

Imagine boarding your Doom Buggy while the gracious Ghost Host guides you around the mansion, where you’ll see plenty of colorful characters and eerie ghosts.

If what you’re envisioning looks like your happy place, then you’ll be intrigued by Tokyo Disneyland’s latest announcement, the “Disney Story Beyond” event.

tokyo disneyland haunted mansion

Credit: Tokyo Disney Resort

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Tokyo Disney Resort recently teased audiences with the first installment of Disney Story Beyond on its website.

Translated, the page reads, “Beyond the stories you know,” and continues, telling audiences that each attraction in the Disney Park “has a story.”

tokyo disneyland haunted mansion

Credit: Disney

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Disney Story Beyond invites Guests to learn even more about the worlds and stories that come to life within these attractions, specifically the Haunted Mansion.

Below that lies a video with more information.

What we currently know about this story is that the Haunted Mansion’s library is home to a ‘Ghost Registry,’ which has records of all 999 happy haunts.

The Beyond Disney Story event is meant to focus on some of those happy haunts. On Tokyo Disney Resort’s official website, we can see the silhouettes of familiar characters.

The hitchhiking ghosts, the tightrope walker, the attic bride, and more are all present. Will we learn more about Madame Leota or perhaps the Ghost Host himself? Only time will tell!

tokyo haunted mansion holiday nightmare

Credit: Tokyo Disney Resort

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We also know that this event is coming to this Disney Park in January 2023.

Looking at Tokyo Disneyland’s official website, we can also see that the Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare overlay will end in early January.

From there, we can guess that the attraction will transition from the holiday refurbishment into this new event.

tokyo disney haunted mansion

Credit: Tokyo Disney Resort

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Beyond that, we know that more content will be added to the Disney Story Beyond website due to the page’s numerous ‘Coming Soon’ signs.

We can’t wait to see what’ ghoulish delights’ ’are in store for this Tokyo Disney spooky event!

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