Go Inside the Kitchen Where DOLE Whip Comes to Life

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Disney is always coming up something magical. Some of the most delicious and iconic snacks started in Disneyland and Disney World, making them a must for your Disney trips. Some of those classics include Mickey-shaped ice cream bars, popcorn, and the frozen pineapple treat, Disney’s DOLE Whip. In conjunction with National DOLE Whip Day, Disney is taking Guests behind the scenes.

As a part of Cast Life, fans can take a peak into the kitchen that makes all our favorite treats. One of the most iconic is the DOLE Whip. Previously, Disney released the recipe for the pineapple dessert so that fans can make it from the comfort of their own home. Now, see how it comes to life at Disney Parks.


Credit: Disney Parks Blog

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Behind The Scenes with Disney Chef

Nothing is more refreshing on a hot summer day than a DOLE Whip. With that said Disney Parks Blog is giving us an insider scoop on how the treat is made on site. Specifically, Chef Amanda Luader shows her creative process in making this limited-time DOLE Whip at Swirls on the Water. The treat debuted for Flavors of Florida, presented by CORKCICLE at Disney Springs.

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To get started, Chef Amanda first decides the timeline and season for the treat. “Think orange, strawberry, citrus, or lemon for summer. With a flavor and focus identified, she does a deep-dive into the character’s colors, identifying hues that match the ingredients on her master list of DOLE Whip and soft-serve flavors and toppings,” Disney Parks Blog writes.


Credit: Disney Parks Blog

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Disney Treats Creative Process

Additionally, Chef Amanda will experiment with colors, flavors, and testing to create the perfect combination. Chef Amanda reports on the steps as the creative process is just that: being creative and trying out new things.

“Sometimes it’s a mess in my mind, messy on the table, where everything’s laid out,” she explains. “It’s pretty fun, I’m not going to lie. Just picking and choosing and getting to see that final product is very rewarding.”

The end result is the Orange Bird Sundae featuring both the colors and vibrancy of the Flavors of Florida. Chef Amanda also notes it can take up to 16 weeks to approve something, and the process is ongoing. She also indicates that the chefs try to plan for the entire year, but changes can be made. Lastly, Disney lets us in on a little secret, “That means DOLE Whip delicacies are lined up for the rest of the year…including a new favorite that Chef Amanda can’t reveal just yet!”

DOLE Whip Chef Amanda

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

The frozen treat will always be a favorite, no matter the flavor or time of year. Learn how to make this tasty snack at home using Disney’s recipe. Have you tried the Orang Bird Sundae yet?

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