Can You Guess the Disney Attraction From These Ride Quotes?


Walt Disney World’s attractions have such a following that many Guests can quote lines from their favorite rides or shows.  Are you one of them?  Let’s find out!  Here are some iconic quotations from WDW theme park attractions.  How many can you guess?

“Great moments in history – but only the American parts!”

We stumbled upon this whimsical show in Disney’s Magic Kingdom Theme Park completely by chance and were glad we did.  The line comes from The Muppets Present Great Moments in American History, a short but hilarious live show in Liberty Square featuring the Muppets as they teach their own wacky version of American history.

Muppet Presents
Credit: Disney Photo Snapper

While the show officially ended its daily run back in 2019, it has sometimes returned for special occasions like Presidents’ Day and Christmas since then, so our fingers are crossed that we haven’t seen the last of this amazingly ridiculous show.

“The eighth wonder of the world… The backside of water!”

This is one of those iconic lines that every card-carrying Disney fan really should know.  It’s spoken by those pun-cracking skippers on Jungle Cruise at Disney’s Magic Kingdom Theme Park, as the river cruise ventures behind a waterfall.

Credit: Disney Tips

The “backside of water” is now so famous, it not only appears on merchandise, it was also included in Disney’s film Jungle Cruise (2021).  Depending on your Jungle Cruise skipper, the line might be followed with “Or, as we skippers like to call it, ‘O2H’”.

“Go with the floooooooow!”

Chances are you either have no idea where this line comes from, OR I just gave you a serious earworm (you’re welcome).  It hails from the delightful Finding Nemo – The Musical, a live show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park that closed in 2020. 

Credit: Disney Dining

This unforgettable line was sung by Crush (depicted on stage by a magnificent puppet the size of a car) and his fellow sea turtles.  Any Guest pining for Finding Nemo – The Musical can take heart – a new musical entitled Finding Nemo: The Big Blue… and Beyond debuts at Animal Kingdom later in 2022.

“Consider this dismaying observation: this chamber has no windows and no doors…”

This one’s a bit of a freebie!  It comes, of course, from Haunted Mansion in Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park.  This attraction is full of so many quotable lines that it’s hard to just pick one (“Welcome, foolish mortals”, “Is this haunted room actually stretching?” and “Please drag your bodies away from the walls and into the dead center of the room” were also contenders).

Haunted Mansion
Credit: Disney

Like many of Haunted Mansion’s most iconic lines, this one comes from the ride queue, specifically the famous Stretching Room.  If you know, you know.  If you don’t – you really need to ride Haunted Mansion on your next WDW trip!

“We were just talking about seat belts.  Plug them in.  Use them.”

This one’s a little more difficult.  After all, most attractions in Walt Disney World have seat belts, right?  If you guessed that this line hails from the thrill ride DINOSAUR in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, you’re correct!

Dinosaur at Animal Kingdom
Credit: Disney

The seat belt reminder comes from host Dr. Seeker, just before Guests board their Time Rovers.  And it’s a good reminder for anyone about to encounter dinosaurs and a giant asteroid in the Cretaceous period.

“It’s a glorious three-hour finale.”  “You’ve got a minute and a half.”

One of the most underrated attractions in Disney’s Hollywood Studios Theme Park is Muppet*Vision 3D.  It’s a zany 3D show featuring the Muppets, and it was the last film directed by legendary Jim Henson before his untimely death.   

Muppet Vision 3D
Credit: Disney

Any Guest who’s waited in line for this attraction knows that the queue is just as entertaining as the show itself, with its many Easter eggs to explore (hint – look for the key under the mat!).  We love the hilarious zingers exchanged by Muppets both in the queue and in the film, and this exchange comes from Sam the Eagle, as he talks about the finale he’s planned, and Kermit, who immediately shoots down his elaborate plans.

“Remember how easy it was to learn your ABCs? Thank the Phoenicians, they invented them.”

If you’re unsure what attraction features this quotation, read it again using your best Judi Dench impression.  It comes, of course, from Spaceship Earth in World Celebration at Disney’s EPCOT Theme Park.  

Credit: Disney Photo Snapper

It will only take a few moments on this relaxing attraction to convince you that your history grade would have been quite different with an Academy Award winner as your teacher.  Of course, it helps those great moments in history be brought to life through animatronics, a soaring score, and elaborate sets.  And really, if you haven’t taken a ride through the Park’s iconic geodesic dome, can you even say that you’ve been to EPCOT?

“Dead men tell no tales.”

We’ll wrap things up with a quotation from one of the most iconic attractions in Disney’s Magic Kingdom Theme Park.  It is, of course, Pirates of the Caribbean.  If you’ve ever ridden the attraction or seen any of the movies based on it, you may rightly doubt the veracity of the line (perhaps “Dead men tell LOTS of tales”, while more accurate, didn’t have quite the same ring?).  

Pirates of the Caribbean
Credit: Disney TIps

Still, it remains one of the best-known lines in Pirates of the Caribbean, and rumour has it that this was a common line used by actual pirates, to justify leaving no survivors.

Bottom Line

How did you do?  Are you a Disney attraction expert?  If not, no worries – it just means you’re due for a visit to Walt Disney World for a refresher course!

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