VIDEO: Guest Resorts to Alarming Their Stroller to Combat Rampant Theft at Walt Disney World

There’s no question that our world is constantly changing, but sometimes those changes aren’t for the best. For example, it seems that more theft than ever is occurring at Walt Disney World Resort.

Guests visiting Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT are taking more measures to ensure their personal belongings aren’t stolen. But the extremes Guests are taking have led to others asking, ‘is this going too far?’

Cinderella Castle

Credit: Disney

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While visiting Walt Disney World Resort’s EPCOT, TikTok user @travelagentwilliam took a video of something unheard of: a stroller equipped with an alarm.

Similarly to a car, this stroller was equipped to set off a jarring, uncomfortably loud alarm if somebody touches it. It goes without saying that this alarm undoubtedly startled nearby children when it went off and may have frightened other Guests as well.


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This theft deterrent would make sense if only other Guests touched the stroller. However, Cast Members must be able to move Guests’ strollers without notice.

Sometimes, Guests park strollers and leave them in spots not designated for them, creating a hazard for other Guests. Other times, strollers are parked in the correct place but must be moved in order to make room for others. In short, Cast Members touching and moving strollers is a given at Walt Disney World.


Credit: ITM

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However, as inconvenient as an alarmed stroller may be for the Cast Members, other Disney fans jumped to defend the offending sound.

One TikTok user wrote, “Because people are stealing strollers left and right at Disney! It’s horrible! If I had a nice stroller I would put one on too!

Another commented, “I dunno low-key this makes me wanna get one.

Someone else wrote, “Naw. I’ll be doing that.

EPCOT Spaceship Earth

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Will Walt Disney World begin seeing an uprise in alarmed strollers? For the sake of other Guests and the Cast Members who need to move them, we hope not!

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