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“Stroller Thief” Arrested At Walt Disney World

A series of stolen items reported at Magic Kingdom yesterday, May 11, 2022, ended in an arrest made by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Several Guests at Magic Kingdom reported missing wallets amongst other items that were in their strollers to Guest Services, which prompted Disney Security to look further into the occurrence since this clearly wasn’t just a one-off case of a parent dropping their wallet or misplacing items.

Credit: DisneyTips

Cast Members and Disney security (and maybe Disney Secret Police?) stepped in to look for the perpetrators and to keep an eye on any suspicious happenings around Guests with strollers. Eventually, two men were identified and arrested with the assistance of deputies from The Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

The two men who were arrested were not arrested together, but it is likely that the second man who was arrested was the father of the first.

Disney Park policy warns Guests that the Walt Disney Company is not responsible or liable for lost or stolen items, but they do their fair share to try and prevent petty theft at the Parks. Theft happens occasionally in the public Disney districts outside of the paid entrance of the Parks but is generally not as common inside the gates. Given the prices of Walt Disney World Park tickets these days, it does seem a little counter-intuitive to us that thieves would pay for 2 adult admission tickets, just to get inside and hope for the best in robbing out of strollers.


Credit: Disney

The Walt Disney World Resort has increased security measures in recent years due to an increase in theft, the presence of firearms, and other unsafe occurrences, while deputies from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office are stationed close by in case of emergencies.

Disney Parks encourage Guests to keep track of their belongings and not to leave items unattended to prevent these kinds of events on Park property.

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