Guest Sues Disney World After Falling off Iconic Attraction

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Disney can’t seem to catch a break these days. As recently reported, Disney has been battling with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. The lawsuit continues while The Walt Disney Company tries to move forward in a positive way. While the lawsuit waits it out in court, Disney Parks have been at the forefront of all things Disney.

As we have often reported, Guest issues happen at Disney World. In fact, they seem to be happening more often than not. Typically fights or issues are between Guests, where Cast Members have to step in and even the police. Now, we are seeing a new lawsuit ensue. A Disney Guest is suing the Parks after an alleged accident at a popular attraction that he feels is their fault.

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Guest Suing Disney World

Disney Guest is suing Disney World after falling during the entry and exit process of the iconic attraction, Haunted Mansion. “Billy Williams said in a lawsuit filed in July that he was on Disney World’s Haunted Mansion ride on April 28, 2022, with his wife when a ride operator hit an emergency stop button,” Fox News reports. Williams is an Orange County, Florida, local and often visits Disney Parks. His visit during this trip to Magic Kingdom was much different than his usual experiences.

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Williams was boarding Haunted Mansion with his wife when the incident occurred. Haunted Mansion uses an omnimover system, meaning the vehicles never stop moving. Other rides use this concept as well to avoid long lines and try to get as many Guests on and off the ride as possible throughout the day. Once you are on the moving path, walk the pace and board the ride. Upon boarding, Guests sit down and pull down the safety bar in front of them before entering Haunted Mansion.

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The issue came when the ride came to a stop prompting Williams to fall out of his seat and onto the ground. “He claims a Haunted Mansion Cast Member “hit the emergency stop button” as he entered the vehicle, which caused him to lurch forward and fall out of the Doom Buggy and onto the ground,” Disney Dining wrote. While the ride doesn’t move at a fast pace, it sometimes has to stop if there is an internal issue or if another Guest with disabilities may need assistance like a wheelchair.

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He is suing Disney World and seeking $50,000 in damages. The suit claims, “the Park was negligent for failing to maintain the premises in a reasonable safe condition,” Fox News writes. According to the lawsuit, he alleges he has faced serious and permanent injuries from the ride, thus seeking money for the damages. There have yet to be any reports on if Disney is paying out or what further actions will be taken.

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