Guests Are Already Skeptical of Disney’s Brand New Virtual Assistant

Usually, the Walt Disney Company is a leader in groundbreaking technology. From Magic Bands to the original FastPass+ system-Disney is always coming up with new ways to make operations easier for its Guests.


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Usually, these innovative techniques and technologies are adopted by other companies, and organizations-most recently, Universal has been working on something incredibly similar to the Walt Disney Company’s Magic Band products.

But in the case of virtual assistants, Walt Disney World is just now catching up-and no, we don’t mean the recent Hey Disney assistant.

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Disney recently added a new aspect to their disney experience app: a virtual assistant to help Guests navigate their Disney vacation.

By now, virtual assistants are nothing new, and you can find them on most websites or applications. Instead of speaking with a real person through text or on the phone, many companies have found it easier to implement a virtual assistant.

However, many consumers find virtual assistants difficult or uncomfortable to use and prefer speaking to real people. It seems that Guests visiting Walt Disney World Resort are no different if the comments reacting to the news are anything to go by.

Guests on their cell phone in the Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney WOrld

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Twitter user @KenIsAHuman writes, “Last week I needed a pack n play and the chat CM asked if I could fill out a separate form for the request. Not optimistic about the virtual assistant.”

Another Twitter user, @bennmatlock, feels a similar way, writing, “I hate those things because all they do is send you in loops with the same generic answers which leaves you still needing to speak to a real person.

Twitter user @homerdance simply writes, “Can confirm it’s worthless.

Disney Cast Members

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So far, the general consensus regarding a virtual assistant is one of opposition. For an operation as large as Walt Disney World, we can understand why Guests would prefer to speak to a real person instead of a virtual assistant.

Which would you prefer?

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