‘Haunted Mansion’ Expansion Is Coming to This Disney Park

Haunted Mansion grounds expansion
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Some major changes are coming to Disneyland Resort! The iconic attraction Haunted Mansion is the only ride to exist in four Parks, including Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Tokyo Disney, and Disneyland Paris. Originating in Disneyland, the attraction opened in August of 1969. Since the ride has become a staple and has even inspired two films.

The original film of Haunted Mansion was released in 2003 and starred actor and comedian Eddie Murphy. This past July, Haunted Mansion was reimagined and released in theaters. Disney Fanatic describes the ride as “a classic dark ride that takes guests on a spooky and humorous journey through a haunted estate filled with 999 happy haunts.” Guests are taken on a journey through a mansion of Gothic architecture, met by ghosts and an eerie experience.

The mansion was “largely inspired by the Shipley-Lydecker House in Baltimore, Maryland, pictured in Decorative Art of Victoria’s Era,” D23 explains. As the release of the new film has conjured up some ghostly experiences like Jake from State Farm joining in on the marketing and Haunted Mansion-inspired foods, something new is coming to Disneyland inspired by the ride. “In 2024, the additions will build on the story and lore of the Haunted Mansion and include an expanded outdoor queue to immerse guests in enhanced theming, as well as a new retail shop adjacent to the attraction’s exit,” Disney writes.

The Stately Grounds of ‘Haunted Mansion’

Disney Parks Blog offers us a sneak peek into the new ghostly grounds at Disneyland Resort. The first part of the expansion will include “new gardens inspired by Master Gracey, Madame Leota, and the one-eyed cat.” Additionally, the gardens will feature a greenhouse, pet cemetery, water fountain, and gazebo.

Haunted Mansion grounds expansion

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Madame Leota and Guests are welcome to leave the walls of the Mansion and explore the carriage house belonging to Madame Leota herself. Disney is withholding some details, so we can only imagine the all-new retail shop will offer merchandise specific to the grounds and hopefully some one-of-a-kind items.

Excitingly, enhancements will be made to the area near Tiana’s Palace, where Guests can relax. A park-like setting where Guests can unwind and enjoy live music is the perfect upgrade, including trees for shaded areas.

Haunted Mansion grounds expansion

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Guests can expect construction to commence in January 2024. Disney has not released further updates but plans to give us more clues as the new year begins.

Are you excited about the Haunted Mansion expansion?

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