Here’s How to Get Your Own Figment Popcorn Bucket for a Limited Time

The EPCOT International Festival of the Arts kicks off today and runs through February 20, 2023. This annual event is open of the most underrated seasonal activities at Walt Disney World encompassing the arts in all its forms with painting demonstrations, unique photo ops, a live music series featuring Broadway performers, the culinary arts, and more.

Last year’s festival featured the debut of the now-viral Figment popcorn bucket. Upon its release, the bucket drew up long lines (sometimes of two hours or more) and far too many buckets were picked up by eBay resellers rather than Guests visiting the Park.

Figment Popcorn Bucket

Credit: Disney

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Soon after its release, Disney got a handle on Figment popcorn bucket sales, and thankfully it looks like this year’s festival will also use a system for purchasing that is much easier to navigate and should save you time in line while actually letting you pick up a bucket for yourself.

The Figment popcorn buckets will be available via mobile order from the Figment’s Inspiration Station festival kiosk located inside the Odyssey pavilion throughout the event. Like the last Festival of the Arts, the popcorn bucket will have a purchase limit of two per customer.

Figment Popcorn Bucket Screenshot

Screenshot from My Disney Experience

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The easiest way to order is to search for “EPCOT Souvenir Release” in the My Disney Experience app, then go through the motions of placing a mobile order the same way you would food from a quick-service restaurant. The Figment popcorn bucket costs $25 and comes with rainbow confetti-style popcorn, but can be refilled with other popcorn around Disney Parks if you like.

The design of this year’s Figment popcorn bucket is virtually the same as last year’s with the one notable exception being the strap which now features the EPCOT 40 logo in celebration of the 40th anniversary of this Disney Park:

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Will you be picking up a Figment popcorn bucket this year? It looks like it will be a lot easier to get your hands on one, so be sure to stop by the Odyssey during your next trip to EPCOT and enjoy! And, for complete information on this year’s EPCOT International Festival of the Arts, visit

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