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Important Update on Magic Kingdom Fireworks for Summer 2022

Did you even Disney if you don’t witness the Magic Kingdom Fireworks at least once during your trip? For many, it’s their favorite part of the day. A nostalgic display of color and music that brings out the 5-year-old in all of us playing timeless tunes from our childhood. It’s not to be missed on a trip to Walt Disney World, which is why a bit of planning is now necessary to make sure you don’t miss them.

Disney World’s Magic Kingdom has announced a change to the nightly fireworks that will begin on August 7 so if you have plans to visit the Parks after this date, then be prepared.

Magic Kingdom Fireworks

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From now until August 7, the Enchantment Fireworks begin at 9:20 p.m. However, starting on August 8, this will switch to the fireworks kicking off at 9:00 p.m. 20 minutes may not seem like a big deal, but these days with all of the planning that goes into a Disney vacation this could seriously disrupt pre-determined plans.

Some dining reservations at Walt Disney World Resort can take months to get. If you have a big event planned for the evening in the second half of the summer, better to rearrange those reservations sooner than later so you can see those famous Magic Kingdom Fireworks.

three other show-based attractions have adjusted their times for the summer as well.

Mickey’s Magical Friendship Faire will be adjusting its time starting in just a few days on June 5.

This is the updated schedule:

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Everyone’s favorite singing quartet will also be adjusting their performance times starting June 5. the Dapper Dans will now be singing at the following times:

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Finally, Mickey’s Celebration Cavalcade is also adjusting its times from June 5 to adhere to this new summer schedule.

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While these changes might seem minor, we can expect a few schedules to be readjusted. Planning your day at The Walt Disney World Resort is no easy task anymore, so proceed and make reservations well in advance.

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