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Is the Disney World Fireworks Cruise Worth it?

Fireworks at the Disney Parks are simply magical. No matter what time of year you go, or which firework show is showing, they never cease to impress the masses.

The firework show at Magic Kingdom is generally the most popular nighttime show at Disney World and for good reason. Well, with great popularity of course comes a very packed Main Street, U.S.A., and other Magic Kingdom firework viewing areas.

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While we’ve learned to just deal with the crowds in order to see the magic of the Disney World fireworks up close, there is another way you can see the fireworks, without the crowds, and enjoy some VIP treatment.

Walt Disney World Resort offers a series of specialty cruises, one of which is a private or semi-private fireworks cruise. On this exclusive private cruise, you can fit up to 10 people on a small 25-foot boat that is skippered by a licensed captain (don’t worry you won’t be driving this boat yourself!). And it’s actually a pretty good deal.

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Included in the cost of the Disney World fireworks cruise, you’ll get snacks and soft drinks (with the option to bring your own alcohol), the skipper, and balloons and banners if you are celebrating a special occasion and want some decoration- at no extra cost!

The best part is, the boat will temporarily anchor right in front of Magic Kingdom so you can enjoy the fireworks from your own private boat with your group. And don’t worry, you won’t miss out on the music. This boat has a stereo system and actually plays the music which the fireworks are synced to so you’ll still get the full experience.

Of course if there is anything happening on the ground on Main Street USA like the snow during the winter season, or projects on the castle, like during the Halloween season, you will have a bit of a disadvantage from the boat, but you’ll still have an excellent view of everything in the sky and will have an extremely personalized experience.


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This rental starts at $399 and would make an excellent option for a special occasion like a birthday, a proposal, or even just for a unique experience on your next family trip.

In our opinion, it’s totally worth it to at least try it once. If you bring a group of 9 friends or happen to have 9 family members, you’ll have the boat all to yourself, and ultimately with 10 people, its $40 per person. considering you get drinks, snacks, decorations, and a private fireworks viewing area from a boat, it sounds like a sweet deal to us!

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