Bob Iger Just Required Hybrid Employees to Return Onsite and Cast Members Are Not Happy

The Covid-19 pandemic affected every aspect of our lives, from work to entertainment and everything in between. For the Walt Disney Company, things were no different. You may remember when the initial lockdown first began, Disney fired thousands of employees with very little notice.

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However, as time passed, the Walt Disney Company and many others realized that working from home was the new normal. Years later, working from home has integrated itself into our society.

Some companies have tried very hard to require working onsite within the office again with many workers finding this unfavorable. It seems that the Walt Disney Company has become one of those companies.

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A few days ago, Disney CEO Bob Iger sent out a New Year’s email stating that “employees currently working in a hybrid fashion will be asked to spend four days on-site, targeting Monday through Thursday as in-person workdays.” You can imagine how the hybrid Disney employees themselves are feeling about this announcement.

Almost immediately, many Disney fans and Cast Members alike began sharing their reactions to the news. The general consensus? The affected Cast Members are not happy.

Some responses are praising the Disney CEO’s decision, but they are few and far between. Some reactions, however, are directly denouncing Iger’s decision.

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One Twitter user writes, “Because old CEOs can’t successfully ‘keep their culture’ with communication technology. I guess we should go back to hour and a half each way commutes and hanging out by water coolers.”

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Another writes, “Wow, Bob Iger proves he’s a prehistoric dinosaur.”

In short, this is one of the first times we have seen a significant outcry opposing Bob Iger’s decisions as CEO. While it was bound to happen eventually, it’s definitely a departure from the praise Iger received from Disney workers and fans alike after replacing his own replacement.

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