Is Typhoon Lagoon Opening Soon?

If you are planning a trip to Walt Disney World, visiting one of the Water Parks could be a part of your vacation plans. They are not for everyone, but many Guests love being able to cool off during the summer months, and some from up North love the idea of going to a Water Park in the winter.

When Blizzard Beach reopened, there were low wait times, but many still enjoyed being back. Walt Disney World decided only to reopen one water Park and left many wondering when Typhoon Lagoon would reopen.


It is normal during the winter months for one to be closed and the other to be opened. The closed water Park will undergo refurbishment and routine maintenance.

The Walt Disney World website shows that Blizzard Beach will be closed On January 2nd, which leaves some wondering if this will be the beginning of their refurbishment, leaving room for Typhoon Lagoon to reopen.


There have been aerial shots of Typhoon Lagoon refurbishment and maintenance in the works, which may mean that the Park will be opening soon. This is all speculation, and Disney has not confirmed any information. It is currently a rumor at this point.


Just because Blizzard Beach does not have times available those days does not mean it will be the ongoing closure, but this is the rumor going around.

There are many Guests the miss Typhoon Lagoon; there are so many rides and attractions for everyone. Crush ‘n’ Gusher is a favorite, and there is an extremely popular wave pool. We’re all crossing our fingers that this could be the reopening, and we will keep you posted if Walt Disney World gives any official announcements.

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