Kid-Friendly Coasters for the Adventurous Young Disney Guests

Seven Dwarfs roller coster
Credit: Disney

Disney World is for fans of all ages. As an inclusive Park, there are some rides that younger Guests have to wait to grow into. But because of height restrictions, Disney has created so many attractions that there are plenty of options, even if you don’t qualify to ride.

Younger Disney Guests are eager to ride everything and experience new adventures. Walt Disney created Disneyland for the young at heart, not just the young age. With a combination of both in the Parks, some attractions are more kid-friendly than others. Here is the perfect guide for visiting Disney World with young ones who are ready to take on the thrill and enjoy the speed of roller coasters.

Disney height requirements

Credit: Disney

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom is always the first stop on my Disney trip. Like all four Parks at Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom has so much to offer. The delicious smells as you walk down Main Street, U.S.A. are enough to keep you there all day. This Park offers three roller coasters that children can ride that are kid-friendly and still a thrill. They are,

The Barnstormer requires Guests to be 35 inches, while Seven Dwarfs requires 38 inches in height, and Big Thunder Mountain is 40 inches. All three of these roller coasters have speed and are mostly outdoors. Check in with your child to ensure they are up for the challenge, and a perfect way is to watch the virtual videos to see if it’s something they’ll enjoy, like the Big Thunder Mountain video below.

Slinky Dog Dash at Hollywood Studios

Although Slinky Dog Dash is the only “kid-friendly” roller coaster at Hollywood Studios, there are other rides at this Park that qualify as thrill rides. “This roller coaster is more of a thrill ride, so you’ll notice the height requirement has increased a couple of inches,” Disney adds.

If that is what your child is seeking, also check out Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, which requires a height of 38 inches as well as Star Wars: Rice of the Resistance, requiring 40 inches or taller. Additionally, if drops and darkness are alluring, Hollywood Studios The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror surprisingly has a requirement of 40 inches or taller, too. A virtual run-through of the Tower of Terror may be the best option first to know what you’re in for as a first-time rider!

Millennium Falcon Smugglers run

Credit: Disney

While Disney is inclusive to all ages, some attractions have these requirements for the safety of the visitors. Although it can be disappointing when racing over to a ride to see if your child meets the height requirements, it’s always something to look forward to on your next Disney vacation. Pro-tip, sort out Disney World’s attractions by thrill rides only prior to visiting to see the height requirements for all, as an easy plan ahead option.

What’s your child’s favorite thrill ride at Disney World?

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