Labor Day Pulls Low Crowds, Poses a Problem for Disney World

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Visiting a Disney Park is already a dream come true. But visiting a Disney Park with low crowds is like the icing on the cake, with a cherry on top! Though something is to be said about the comradery of a busy Disney day, low crowds are an entirely different experience. You can visit more attractions with low crowds due to lower wait times. Also, popular dining spot reservations may be open closer to your visit or even the day of.

If you’re the type of Disney Guest to book around crowds, with a quick search, there are plenty of ways to see the best and worst times to visit Disney World. Typically, the worst time to visit is surrounding any holidays. Children have school breaks during the holidays, and adults are more likely to take time off for a vacation. Furthermore, these times are a part of blackout dates for Annual Passholders due to the expectation of high crowds.

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For low crowds, there are plenty of options throughout the year where you can visit Disney World if your schedule is flexible enough. planDisney, for example, listed some of the best options, like “The middle of January to the middle of February, the last week of April, and weekdays in the first half of May.”

Those are only to name a few, but not surprisingly, dates in September through December suggest any time other than the dates surrounding the holidays within that month. Additionally, Travel + Leisure chimes in with the same tune: “Crowds begin to thin out as school breaks wind down in August, and once Labor Day is over, the park is usually as close to empty as it ever gets.”

On par with what even Disney expects, Labor Day Weekend is usually a busy time for Walt Disney World. So why did it experience low crowds this past weekend?

Low Crowds at Disney World

There are a multitude of reasons as to why crowds may be low during some dates at Disney World. But a holiday is when Disney expects a crowd, so Annual Passholders, for example, have certain blackout dates. This past July 4 also had record-low crowds, which could alone be chalked up to the extreme heat Orlando, Florida, has been enduring.

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One user on Reddit shared a screenshot of wait times at Disney World showing insanely low times. A few attractions are shown in the photo, only having ten-minute wait times, which in Disney terms means no waiting at all. It also means run to that ride! It’s not common to have such short times, as this user speculated during the holiday weekend.

One Disney fan commented, “The line to get into Mickeys not so scary tonight was insane, though! People avoided the park because of the 6 p.m. closing time.” Insinuating that this many people skipped Magic Kingdom altogether due to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party could be a possibility.

Additionally, another fan wrote, “I think a lot of folks canceled vacations due to the hurricane. We’ve been a couple of times this week, and the parks have been dead.” This could be another likely reason, as Hurricane Idalia posed a threat to parts of Florida, and Disney World did have some closures in lieu of the storm hit.

Disney Guests

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Quite a few fans commented on the post, saying thanks for the note about Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. Further noting, they would look into the dates and attend Magic Kingdom during those event dates in the hope of lower crowds.

While all ideas are possible, lower crowds are not great for the company after the many issues that have been brewing. Although, as a Disney fan, low crowds are enjoyable, too low could mean bad news for The Walt Disney Company.

Why do you think crowds were low this past Labor Day Weekend?

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