Loungefly’s Latest Disney Exclusive Is Inspired By One of the Most Underrated Princesses

The Disney Princess lineup consists of thirteen different princesses, each from a different film. Although Disney fans know a Disney Princess when they see one, not everyone can name all thirteen.

Chronologically, the list is as follows: Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida, Moana, and Raya (no, Anna and Elsa are not Disney Princesses).


Credit: World of Disney

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Despite each Disney Princess having her film and story, some princesses are more popular than others. For example, some Princesses can be spotted frequently while visiting Disney Park.

Mulan, however, is considered a rare character in Disneyland Resort and can only be spotted in one of the Parks of Walt Disney World Resort (EPCOT).

That’s why the latest Loungefly Disney exclusive is so exciting for fans of the fierce martial artist. The matching backpack and wallet set are inspired by Mulan and her green kimono outfit and are perfect for anyone who considers her their favorite Disney Princess.

mulan sequin loungefly backpack

Credit: Loungefly

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The Loungefly Exclusive Mulan Sequin Mini Backpack is covered in sequins for an extra princess flair. The front is decorated with a lovely bow, with Mulan’s iconic hairpiece in the center.

The back reads, “True to who I am,” to remind the wearer to stay as true to themselves as Mulan. The zipper is adorned with a Mushu pendant, so you can be sure that the guardian spirit will always have your back.

This Loungefly backpack costs $90.

mulan sequin flap wallet

Credit: Loungefly

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The matching Loungefly Exclusive Mulan Sequin Flap Wallet is also decorated with the same bow. One of the neatest details about this set is that the wallet is reminiscent of the top half of Mulan’s green kimono, while the backpack is reminiscent of the skirt portion.

This Loungefly wallet is $40.

Both of these products are made with vegan leather.

lunar new year mulan disney

Credit: Disney

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Express your love for this underrated Disney Princess with this Disney Loungefly matching set! After all, you don’t see a set like these Loungefly exclusives every dynasty.

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