Meet Disney’s Most Famous Trash Can, Binny

D3 Club with Binny the mascot
Credit: Insider / D3 Club

Disney World is known for many exclusive experiences, but did you know a garbage can is one of them? At Walt Disney World, Guests can visit four Parks: Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, and Hollywood Studios. Each Park offers its unique experience with varying themes, yet all tying back to the magic of Disney.

Many experiences are exclusive to Disney Parks, like DOLE Whip, Disney characters, and iconic attractions like Haunted Mansion. Disney is always working towards a beautiful tomorrow with innovation by constantly reimagining and transforming the Parks. With that comes new experiences with entertainment, dining, Resorts, and so much more.

One experience has become unique to one Park at Disney World but was not implemented through Disney. EPCOT has become the home of a surprising and now somewhat famous trash can, referred to as Binny. The trash can has a back story, a legal Florida license plate, and has been deemed the mascot of the fan club Disney Day Drinkers Club.

Rose and Crown Pub

Credit: Disney

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Binny The Trash Can

The club’s mascot sits just outside of Rose & Crown British Pub located in EPCOT’s United Kingdom Pavilion. As confirmed by the Disney Day Drinkers Club, Binny is a boy who became the mascot when members were drinking around the world in the World Showcase, looking for a spot to rest their drinks as they ate. As many Guests know, it can be challenging, especially during the busy seasons, to find a table to sit down and enjoy a beverage or just find somewhere to rest your drink while you enjoy a bite.

Binny filled that void for members, thus becoming the official mascot. Additionally, “We were lucky enough at the moment to have a priest on hand drinking with us to bless it officially,” Club D3 added. Although to some, Binny may just look like another typical garbage found in the Parks, he has become much more to fans around the world.

Rose and Crown Pub

Credit: Disney

“Binny first began its rise to fame in 2021 when Skip Sher of Richmond, Virginia, founded the Disney Day Drinkers Club, an informal meetup group for folks who like to enjoy the parks’ creative cocktails,” Insider writes. This informal group was to host a few members drinking around the world trying beverages at each World Showcase Pavilion. The concept of drinking around the world has become a bar crawl-type event adults partake in when visiting EPCOT.

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How Binny Became A Mascot

The story goes that during 2021, the world was still suffering through the global COVID-19 pandemic. Due to rules and regulations in place like masks and social distancing, the group found a trash can a likely spot to stop where they could eat and drink without having to attend to any indoor rules. Sher recounts the day Binny was named the club’s mascot.

Among the group was Rev. Sean Knox, a Roman Catholic priest and retired Air Force captain from Tallahassee, whose friend, Monica, had caught wind of the club. “We’re just sitting there, having a good time, and then Monica … she says, ‘Hey, Sean, why don’t you bless this, and this is where we’ll meet?'” Rev. Knox recalled, referring to the garbage bin. “I had a Smithwick’s beer, and I dipped my fingers in it, and sprinkled it on the can. Herein lies the origin of Binny.”

Since the beginning of the club, D3 has become a large fan club with over 75,000 members. The club’s members include all types of Guests and even some Disney employees, Insider details. Binny has become much more than just a mascot for the club, but a place to gather and for Guests with common interests to come together.

D3 Club with Binny the mascot

Credit: Insider / D3 Club

The Importance of Binny

Meet-ups, bar crawls, singles gatherings at the Park, and just regular family photos have now been centered around Binny and the meaning behind him. Sher calls Binny “The spirit of the group (and the liquid “spirits”) and the social interactions that are its glue.” The famous trash can has brought fans together and does so with Binny-inspired merchandise like t-shirts and pins.

Fans had a fearful experience when a Guest noted Binny was no longer in his token home. Jokes were made that he had been “bin-napped” but really was just moved across the street to an area with more space. Sher added, “He doesn’t “want to cause any disruption in the park” or create “safety issues,” and the newer, more spacious location may help them avoid doing so.

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Binny has become an icon for bringing Guests together and creating friendships that may have never flourished otherwise. Longtime member Nancy Kane went as far as getting a legal Florida license plate for the mascot, only showing more of the love and loyalty fans have to the club and their beloved mascot.

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