The Trick for Staying Cool in Your Disney Hotel Room

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Anywhere indoors at the Walt Disney World Resort will come with some very comfortable air conditioning and offer a nice respite from the heat and humidity outside, and one of the most important places to cool off is right inside your own hotel room.

Whether you are taking a midday break from the heat with a nap, or prefer to be on the cooler side while you sleep, you may have been surprised to learn that the rooms at Disney Resorts are, well, not always as air conditioned as we might like.

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Like many hotels across the industry, most Disney Resort rooms have air conditioning units that now operate on a sensor to conserve energy, meaning the room is not being cooled down when you are not inside and it may not keep going while you are sleeping, too.

We appreciate all of the ways that Disney Resorts have committed to sustainability, and are all for conserving energy, but sometimes after a long, hot day in the Parks, we need to ensure that the room will be chilly. If you find yourself struggling with motion sensored air conditioning in Disney hotel rooms, there are a couple of tricks to keep the air coming.

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The balloon trick

When Disney first began installing motion sensor air conditioning systems, some Guests quickly caught on and began using a balloon in their hotel rooms to trick the sensor into thinking there was movement in the room while everyone was actually asleep.

To do this, simply tie a balloon to a chair near where the air vent is so that it continually creates motion and thus keeps the AC on.

The problem with this trick? We can really only recommend this if you already have a balloon from your day in the Parks, since Disney balloons cost about $20, and there are ways you can keep the AC on for free.


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Bypass the motion settings

This trick is dependent on the individual thermostat, but there is usually a setting that allows you to bypass the motion sensor and keep the AC coming all night long. On most Disney thermostats, you can bypass the motion sensor by holding down the two buttons on the left hand side, but if this does not sound right for what is in your specific room, you should be able to Google the thermostat and get an answer (or ask a Cast Member!)

Talk to the front desk

While Disney Resorts do have these pesky motion sensors in place, they really are only there to conserve energy. Disney Cast Members want you to be comfortable during your stay and they will be happy to help however they can.

From bypassing the motion settings for you, to even adding a fan to your hotel room (if one is available), Disney Cast Members can help ensure your stay at the resort is cool and comfortable.

Wherever you stay during your trip to Walt Disney World, be sure to make yourself comfortable in your hotel room and have a magical time!

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