Multiple Disney Guests Groped on Attractions

Tower of Terror at Night
Credit: D23

Earlier this week, on a Reddit thread, user u/JBAnswers26 recently asked what was the scariest thing Guests have ever encountered in Disney Parks. The question was likely intended to stir up conversations about horrific ride malfunctions, fights with other Guests, or perhaps even a ghost story. However, many Guests started to tell stories about sexual assaults that happened to them while experiencing some of Walt Disney World Resort’s most popular rides.

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Tower of Terror Incident


Credit: Disney

User u/laceteapixie shared an encounter that occurred on the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror involving her cousin. The two girls sat in the back row of the attraction by themselves. But during loading, one park Guest chose not to sit with his party in the other row and instead took an empty seat next to the girls. Despite the proximity, the girls didn’t find the behavior odd until the guy apologized in advance for being unable to control his hands and arms. As the ride proceeded to the drop portion, the male Guest constantly rubbed his elbows across the chest of Redditor’s cousin. Throughout the ride, she states that her cousin constantly leaned into her and covered herself, trying to protect her body from the creep sitting next to her.


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Ever since that occurrence, the Reddit writer explains that her cousin refuses to sit in the middle of theme park rides for fear that someone sitting next to them could try something similar.

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Expedition Everest Incident

Another user shared a similar story – but this one was on Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom.


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Redditor u/meowmeowbinks shared a story where a man who sat next to her put his hands down her shirt while on the ride. When she got off the ride, she was in a daze and said to her mom, “I think I was just assaulted.”


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The girl then spent half the day with her mother, giving statements to Walt Disney World security and the Orange County police department. However, she states that little was done and claimed that she felt Disney didn’t believe her and/or thought she was only interested in getting free fast passes (this was in 2015 before Genie+ and Lightning Lanes).

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However, in an odd twist, she ended up on a Disney bus with the man who groped her on Expedition Everest. Filled with anger, she pointed him out and said, “Mom, that’s the guy who reached his hand down my shirt, that’s the guy who groped me!” The guy took off running the second the bus stopped, and the girl said she refuses to ride Single Rider anymore.

A Disney World Shuttle Bus

Credit: Military Disney Tips

As disturbing as these stories are, there are undoubtedly more tales of individuals assaulted at Disney Parks (and other theme park chains as well). Although Walt Disney World does try to pride itself on being “The Most Magical Place on Earth,” that doesn’t mean it’s without people who will try and take advantage of park Guests whose guards may be down.

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An important thing to keep in mind when visiting parks in the future…

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