Make Staying in Multiple Disney Resorts Easy With This Top Tip

Walt Disney World really is a destination that has everything to offer. Guests who don’t often visit the destination can find it difficult to see beyond the Disney theme parks. It’s only when you delve a little deeper do you realize that it really does deserve having ‘World’ in its name.

So what does in fact make up Walt Disney World? Well, the list includes 4 theme parks; 2 water parks; a shopping and dining district, known as Disney Springs; 3 miniature golf courses; 2 golf courses; 25 Disney Resort hotels; and multiple modes of transport. Who knew all of that could be found on Disney property?

With all that it has to offer in mind, it is no surprise then that Disney Guests struggle to physically fit every single Disney experience into one vacation. It is also quite the task to plan a seamless Disney vacation that has a perfect balance of magical experiences, delicious dining, and time to rest.

When it comes to the Walt Disney Resort hotels, it can be quite the decision on which Resort to stay in. Although a large influence, the cost isn’t the only thing that can help Guests to decide. Recreational activities, location within Lake Buena Vista, dining opportunities, and access to the Disney Parks also need to be considered. Once all of these things have been thought about, then Guests can make the best decision of which Disney World hotel to stay at.


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Why not stay at more than one Disney Resort hotel?

So what if you can’t decide between at least two Disney Resorts? Well, we recommend staying in them all!

During the last two Walt Disney World vacations that we’ve taken, we’ve stayed in at least two Disney Resort hotels. We have made the decision to do this as we had decided to only visit one Disney Park during each vacation. Both vacations have finished with a Disney Cruise Line cruise from Port Canaveral.

As the vacations were not a typical Walt Disney World vacation that involved visiting at least one Disney theme park every day, we instead spent time enjoying and exploring the Disney Resorts.

Prior to the two vacations where we stayed in multiple Disney Resort hotels, we had also taken a Disney staycation. As a birthday present for a special birthday, we stayed in Disney’s Grand Floridian for a night. This was truly a dream come true, and a perfect way to spend 24 hours, experiencing everything this magnificent Resort has to offer.

Benefits of staying in multiple Disney Resorts

Should you decide to stay in two (or more) Disney Resorts whilst vacationing in Lake Buena Vista, there are several benefits that you will experience:

  • Keeping the cost down – this is particularly true if you decide to stay in a Value Resort for part of your trip, before transferring to a Moderate or Deluxe Resort for the rest of it. Staying in a Value Resort for part of your trip allows you to splurge a little and stay in the likes of Disney’s Beach Club Resort. Alternatively, stay in a Moderate Resort, such as Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, and then transfer to Disney’s Contemporary Resort, or Bay Lake Tower, and enjoy being so close to Magic Kingdom.
  • Varied experience – it’s great to compare different Disney Resorts as you stay in them. Only by staying in different ones are you likely to find out which Resort really suits you and your family. We’re sure that you’ll find the Disney Resort that feels like ‘home’! A great contrast would be Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort, staying in a cabin. From there, transfer across to Disney’s Yacht Club and enjoy a New England-inspired Resort, providing the feeling of a coastal escape.

Credit: V Mills

  • Time to rest – Value Resorts are a great place to stay during parts of your vacation where you plan to spend most of your time in the Disney theme parks. It’s during these parts of the trip when your hotel room will be a base to sleep and shower. Transferring to a Moderate or Deluxe Resort encourages you to take things a little slower. Relax in your hotel room, or make time to visit the pool area. Plan for days when you won’t leave the Resort.

Credit: V Mills

The pairings we suggest

Speaking from experience, here are the Disney hotels that we’ve paired together when staying in multiple Disney Resorts in one Disney vacation:

  • Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, followed by Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort – if you’re planning on a pool day following your transfer, catch the Disney Skyliner between the Resorts. You’ll have transferred and checked in to Caribbean Beach within 30 minutes.

Credit: V Mills

  • Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, followed by Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge – we loved going from just a hotel room to having our very own balcony overlooking the Savannah!
  • Disney’s Port Orleans Resort to Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa – what an absolute treat this vacation was. We spent most of our time in the gorgeous Riverside Resort but took a staycation in the Grand Floridian. Let’s just say it was 24 hours of elegant bliss!

Credit: V Mills

  • Disney’s Pop Century Resort to Disney’s Riviera Resort – we booked Pop Century directly through the Walt Disney World website, then rented Disney Vacation Club points to stay in Riviera Resort. Let us tell you, going from a Value room to a Deluxe Studio was something else! The luxury of a separate bathtub, and shower, as well as a kitchenette and endless amounts of space to hide away luggage was insane!

The secret to staying in multiple Disney Resorts

So you may be a little reserved about splitting your vacation between two Disney Resorts. We think we know the biggest question you have of all. What do I do about transferring my luggage between Disney Resorts, as we won’t have a car? Well, rest assured; we have just the answer that will make your transfer really simple. You won’t miss out on time in the Disney Parks, or have to pay to get it transferred either. 

Disney’s Bell Services offer complimentary luggage transfer between any Disney Resort hotels. All you need to do is call Bell Services ahead of leaving your hotel room in your first Resort. A Cast Member will collect your luggage, giving you a ticket that you’ll present at your new Resort.

Go about your day, immersing yourself in the Disney experience, and when you’re ready head to your new Resort. Online check-in makes for a really easy process of transferring between Resorts – you’ll even get a notification to let you know when your room is ready.

Once you have found your room, give Bell Services a call using your in-room phone, and a Cast Member will bring your luggage right to your door. All you need to do is present your ticket from earlier. We recommend tipping the Cast Member too if you are provided with excellent Guest Service.


Credit: V Mills

We sure love the different experiences you get as a Disney Guest in different Walt Disney World Resort hotels. It’s a neat way of making your vacation feel just that little bit longer too, as you have a ‘second part’ to look forward to.

We recommend ending in the Resort that is going to provide you with the most luxurious experience. There’s nothing quite like ending your Disney vacation in a Deluxe Resort. Talk about a way to make you feel special!

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