New Alcoholic Drinks Served at Disney, Should It Be Allowed?

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Disney Parks were built based on a place where Guests of all ages could enjoy themselves. Walt Disney had a vision where he wanted children and adults alike to have fun and enter a magical world unlike any other. His success with Disneyland Resort in California only led to more Parks around the world. From Orlando, Florida, to Paris to Hong Kong, Disney Parks have become a spot where fans can explore attractions, dining, shopping, entertainment, and so much more.

Although Disney Parks are not just for children, many opinions feel strongly otherwise. The term ‘Disney Adult’ had been coined in not the most positive light, as adults who visit Parks without children. But the truth of the matter is, oftentimes, adults are able to expense the trip in adulthood. As we’ve seen, many adults have expressed they didn’t have the opportunity to visit “The Most Magical Place On Earth” as a child, so they get to treat themselves to the magic as an adult.

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Disney Adults

With all of that said, certain areas, attractions, and options are more geared toward adults. For one, some attractions require a minimum height to ride, which prevents young children from enjoying the attraction. Additionally, alcoholic beverages sold in many Parks are for those of age and only available for purchase with proof of ID. As alcoholic beverages are available in many Disney Parks, some have not relinquished the ban. EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World all offer alcohol, yet Magic Kingdom only offers alcohol in one restaurant, Be Our Guest.

There has been controversy around the concept of allowing alcohol in the Parks as it may encourage Guests to act in a poor manner. Regardless, many Disney Parks still sell alcohol to meet the needs of the adult Guests. At Disneyland Park, that has not been the case. While it has been readily available in the Parks listed at Disney World, Disneyland has had a tighter restrictions.

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Alcohol at Disneyland Park

Answering the question of “where to find alcohol in Disneyland,” planDisney responded in 2022 that the two locations that serve alcohol are Blue Bayou Restaurant and Oga’s Cantina. Additionally, they noted, “You’ll have to enjoy your drinks inside these venues – you can’t walk around the park with alcohol.” As of yesterday, September 12, Disneyland Park serves alcoholic beverages in three new locations.

Carnation Cafe, River Belle Terrace, and Cafe Orleans will offer alcoholic beverages along with some new food items. The beverages include a Wildberry Mule, Lavender Mimosa, and a Bayou Punch, to name a few of the delights.

Many fans weighed in on the announcement via the comment section of X on Scott Gustin’s post. One commented, “That’s a real shame,” while another wrote, “Then what’s the appeal of Club 33?” Although some may feel this is a negative addition to the Park, others noted their excitement towards the change.

In fact, one fan asked, “Is there anywhere at the Disneyland park to get a drink to go? Or still, no walking around the park with an alcoholic beverage?” There is a desire to have an experience like Disney World offers for some Guests. Naturally, there will always be mixed reviews on what Guests want and like in the Parks. Unfortunately, not every change will please all, although Disney tries hard to do so.

What are your thoughts on these new alcoholic beverages added to Disneyland Park?

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