New Lion King Souvenir Arrives at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Timon and Pumbaa Popcorn and Sipper
Credit: Disney

New surprises continue to arrive at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Another Animal Kingdom Must-Have

If there is one thing about Disney fans, they love to buy merchandise. Over the years, the Walt Disney Company has mastered creating custom souvenirs that their millions of fans quickly gobble up. Disney makes a lot of money from their themed products, especially those sold in the Walt Disney World theme Parks. Their genius business model makes specific merchandise like Mickey Ears and popcorn buckets feel essential.

Figment Popcorn Bucket

Credit: Disney

As part of its 25th Anniversary celebration, Disney’s Animal Kingdom keeps providing fans and park-goers with unique merchandise to ring in the occasion. And if you love The Lion King, this new offering is a must-have!

A couple of weeks ago, Walt Disney World released the Pumbaa Popcorn bucket. The warthog-themed bucket sold out quickly, and since then, it has become an incredibly popular item to spot in the theme Park. Disney continues to celebrate The Lion King’s popularity at Walt Disney World with this Timon sipper cup.

On May 3, 2023, Disney released the Timon sipper cup to compliment the popcorn bucket. The two Hakuna Matata singing friends will be back together again…this time in snack form.

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Where Can You Find It?

Currently, the Timon sipper cup is only available in Animal Kingdom and the Lion King-themed cup comes with a special lanyard that says “Hakuna Matata.” Paired with a Pumbaa popcorn bucket full of hot, delicious popcorn, it’s the perfect Animal Kingdom snack guaranteed to taste better than grubs.

The Timon sipper cup can be found for sale at Trek Snacks, Cornivores, The Feeding Ground, and select ice cream carts throughout Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme Park.

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