Nothing Says Disney Vacation Like Police at Your Resort

Disney World Security
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Visiting Disney World is supposed to be filled with magic, a little pixie dust, and a lot of DOLE Whip. And as much as Disney wishes that would be the case for all Guests, some have a less than magical experience during their stay. Disney is known for their superb customer service, with Cast Members trained to handle seemingly any issue.

Cast Member with Guests

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We’ve seen countless times where Cast Members are the unsung heroes of many Disney Guest vacations, turning frowns upside down as often as possible. But sometimes problems can escalate where even Cast Members can’t fix the issue, so they have to call in the backup. It’s never a good day when police have to show up to a Disney Park or Resort to deal with Guest issues. Although police are usually summoned for situations like fights between Guests, or when a Guest needs to be escorted out, that can even result in a lifetime ban. It’s safe to say that having police on your doorstep at a Disney Resort or confronting you in a Disney Park should be nowhere on the Disney bucket list.

With all of that said, things happen. We’ve seen unfortunate issues where police need to step in. A Guest who recently stayed at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom Lodge queried online if anyone knew what had happened during their stay.

Animal Kingdom Lodge

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Police at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is like no other experience. The Resort itself feels like a Disney Park as Guests are immersed in the culture and vibrancy, featuring live animals. “Guests with certain rooms can even spot these animals from the comfort of their own rooms,” Inside the Magic adds. While the Resort is meant to feel like you “stepped into the heart of Africa,” as Disney describes, Guests were having a less-than-inspired experience late Tuesday night. A Guest at Jambo House wrote,

Sorry if this isn’t the right place, and if it isn’t I can remove it. But we were coming back to the resort and there were five sheriff cars and a security car sitting outside the resort, and a manager was talking to one of the officers. Obviously the cast members wouldn’t say what was going on, but does anyone know what might have happened? We heard some strange noises back to our room too…

Animal Kingdom Lodge

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114 comments later, and it seems no one could comment on the matter. One Disney fan wrote, “Orange County Sherriff’s Office dispatch calls are showing “Trespasser,” which could mean various things. Another Disney fan commented, “That could mean anything as almost every incident at Disney gets flagged as trespassing, even if they are a guest staying at a resort.”

The Guest’s question was left unanswered without any real proof other than speculation. Furthermore, there were no reports from Disney World or the Resort of any official issues that would seek out a visit from the police. Although we can all be a little curious about what’s happening just around the Riverbend, or in this case, a few hotel rooms over, sometimes it’s better to let authorities handle the matter so we can continue on our magical vacation.

Have you had any suspicious encounters while enjoying your Disney vacation?

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