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New Disney “Power Up” Perk for Cast Members

We all love our Walt Disney World Cast Members. They are the ones who spread that magical pixie dust on all of our Disney vacation days.

From the server at The Crystal Palace in Magic Kingdom, to the Kilimanjaro Safari tour guide in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, or even to a First Order guard on Rise of the Resistance in Galaxy’s Edge, they all give Guests the gift of magic. Even when these Cast Members may be having a bad day of their own, you would never know it, as they still make sure that we have the experience of a lifetime.


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With all of the stress and craziness in our world today, we are sure that at one point or another, all of us have taken a “mental health” day from work or school. Well, starting in May of 2022, some Disney Cast Members may not have to make up an excuse, or fake a really bad cold just to get a day off to rest.

Disney is going to begin offering some Cast Members something called “Power Up Days.” According to Disney, “Power Up Days” are paid days off to allow Cast Members time to “rest, recharge and focus on well-being and mental health.”

Credit: Disney

In order to be eligible for “Power Up Days”, you need to be a domestic full-time or part-time salaried position or a non-union, hourly Cast Member, Imagineer, or employee. For 2022, eligible Full-time Cast Members and employees will be given two “Power Up Days” and Part-time Cast Members and employees will receive one “Power Up Day.”

Walt Disney World also said they will talk with the Union Representatives to come up with a similar program for the Walt Disney Union Employees.


Credit: Disney

As good as this new “Power Up Days” program is, it’s only expected to be a one-off for this year and is not expected to last past 2022. As we at Disney Tips have mentioned many times before, these Walt Disney World Cast Member are the ones who create all of the magic for the rest of us, so they deserve every perk that they can get. 

Hopefully Disney will end up extending this program or even make it a permanent perk for the hard work that the Cast Members do. 

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