Overwhelming Number of Disney Fans Upset About Disney Genie+

In mid August, Disney announced that their Fastpass+ system will not be returning and replaced by Disney Genie. The Disney FastPass+ system was free for all guests, but with Disney Genie, it will be slightly different. Disney Genie is free, but you’ll have to pay an extra fee to use Disney Genie+. Using this new system, you will be able to skip the lines, but will have to pay $15 a day per person.

When Disney announced this on their YouTube channel it had 70% dislikes which is the most disliked video on their YouTube channel. Universal Studios Orlando and SeaWorld Orlando have both been using a pay to skip the line system for a long time so Disney was the last to jump aboard. You will still be using your My Disney Experience app and there will still be some free features on Disney Genie, but if you want to get the shorter lines you will have to upgrade.

If you read the comments, you’ll see that most guests are very upset about this new charge. On the YouTube video, many guests say if they have a larger family, that is quite an expense and others are saying how they think it’s funny that Disney is trying to put a positive spin on this. Many guests are saying how this is all about money and not an experience. Other comments say that Disney is greedy and that they should bring back the standard Fastpass+ system since it is free and available to everyone. It is overwhelmingly upset Guests and there is not a positive comment in sight. Walt Disney World has not announced when this new system will be put in place but will most likely be in time for the 50th anniversary on October 1st, 2021. Let us know your thoughts in the comments and if you plan on paying for Disney Genie+ next time you visit Walt Disney World.


Credit: Disney

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