Pandora Event at Walt Disney World

Pandora Jewelry
Credit: Disney

Disney has partnered with Pandora again to celebrate Mom for this upcoming Mother’s Day. Special Calligraphy Events are coming to Walt Disney World this week. It will be held May 5 at Uptown Jewelers in the Magic Kingdom, and May 6 at Legends of Hollywood in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Pandora charm bracelet

Credit: Disney

Uptown Jewelers sells a variety of Disney Parks souvenirs, including gems, handbags, watches, figurines, and of course, the Disney Parks Collection by Pandora.

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Credit: Disney

Legends of Hollywood, located on Sunset Boulevard, allows Guests to buy Disney-themed fashion, plush, and other souvenirs, including Pandora Jewelry.

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The event allows Guests to customize a perfect message on their Pandora jewelry. Not participating in the event, Disney Springs does have a Pandora Jewelry store located in the Town Center area of the shopping district. You can find rings, earrings, necklaces, and signature charms inside the store. This location also has an exclusive mother-daughter building station just in time for Mother’s Day.


Credit: Disney

The event also occurs at Disneyland on May 5 at La Mascarade d’Orleans inside Disneyland Park and on May 6 at Embarcadero Gifts at Disney California Adventure Park.

La Mascarade d’Orleans is located in the New Orleans section of the Park overlooking the train station. It sells a variety of jewelry and accessories but is also the only place inside Disneyland that sells Pandora charms.

Embarcadero Gifts is at the Paradise Gardens Park section of California Adventure.

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Both Disney Resorts have hosted similar Special Calligraphy Events in the past around other holidays, most notably Christmas. But whether you’re in the market for a personalized gift or just want to add a custom message to your own jewelry, one can’t do much better than Pandora jewelry at a Disney Park.

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