Photos Show What Appears to Be a Massive Mold Infestation on This Classic Magic Kingdom Attraction

As the Most Magical Celebration on Earth comes to a close, Walt Disney World officially becomes over 50 years old. With such a long lifespan, it makes perfect sense for attractions to experience wear and tear.


Credit: Disney

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Some attractions have come and gone, but some have been open since the Disney Park’s very beginning, such as Liberty Square’s Haunted Mansion, Fantasyland’s Dumbo the Flying Elephant, and “it’s a small world.”

Each of these attractions has received major updates, and “it’s a small world” is even set to receive another update soon featuring puppets in wheelchairs, but no amount of updates could replace the significant renovations that would be required to solve a massive mold infestation.

discoloration covering the top of an indoor dark ride scene on it's a small world

Credit: u/RegularDiver8235 on Reddit

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A couple of days ago, a Guest visiting Walt Disney World Resort posted a couple of photos on social media, revealing the state of the classic Magic Kingdom attraction.

The original poster isn’t the only one who’s noticed wear and tear on the Disney attraction, as another user wrote, “I feel like it used to be darker in there but lately I’m noticing lots of ick.”

As for the discoloration revealed in the photos, one user replied, jokingly saying, “Iiiiiits just some mold aaaaafter all!!”


Credit: Disney Tips

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Although these photos look icky and convincing, there’s no way to prove the swaths of discoloration are mold without a thorough inspection and confirmation. However, with “it’s a small world” being a fully enclosed riverboat ride, it’s definitely plausible.

At this time, Walt Disney World Resort hasn’t scheduled any renovations or maintenance on the classic Magic Kingdom attraction.

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