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Pirates of The Caribbean Makes its Return

Ahoy mateys! We finally have a confirmed date that Pirates of the Caribbean is coming back to Disneyland California. And it’s sooner than you might think.

The beloved ride has been closed for refurbishment since March of this year, and Disneyland lovers have been anxiously awaiting its return.


Credit: Disney Tips

Many rumors have been circulating about its refurbishment, but one thing is for certain that the queue for this popular attraction is getting a facelift. Sure the dual circular pathways which marked the queue made sense before the likes of Fantasmic! and other popular attractions around Adventureland and New Orleans Square. But in recent years, the lines for Pirates of the Caribbean are as long as ever and this designated queuing area has created an insane amount of congestion in the common pathways.

But some sly investigation by a popular Disney Journalist has uncovered an update on the Disneyland website giving away the reopening of Pirates of the Caribbean.

“NEW: According to an update on the Disneyland website, Pirates of the Caribbean will reopen on July 1. Before today’s update, the website said it would reopen, ‘early summer’.”

And although the updated queuing area has been quite obvious to anyone at Disneyland in the past 4 months, There has been some speculation circulating online about what will be removed or redesigned inside the ride itself.

We’re hoping our beloved Captain Jack Sparrow won’t be going anywhere, amidst the ongoing Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard trial which has rocked the US lately. It was recently announced that actress Margot Robbie would be stepping into the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise now.


While there have been words exchanged between Depp and Disney saying Captain Jack’s days are over, we can only hope we’ll continue to see our beloved Captain on the big screen again, and certainly still on the popular Disney attraction.

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