Popular Opinion: Jump the Lines at Disney, Get Kicked Out

Crowd at Disney World
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A trip to Disney World should be a magical experience. Filled with tasty treats, entertainment, and attractions, there are so many ways to have the best vacation ever. With a Disney trip comes a lot of planning and rules to abide by. For example, to enter one of the four Parks, Guests must need a ticket and reservation to that specific park.

Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, and Hollywood Studios all operate with the same rules and regulations Guests must follow once on Disney property. Many are common sense, like no weapons allowed on property and wearing appropriate clothing, as it is a family theme, Park. Additionally, some rules may not be listed under the rules and regulations portion of Disney World’s website but rather common rules among Guests with respect to each other. One of those has to do with the lines at Disney World.

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Lines at Disney World

Lines are just a part of visiting Disney World. Even if you’re visiting during a lower crowd season, lines are somewhat inevitable. Whether it be the women’s bathroom line, waiting for a popular attraction, or dining at quick service during the lunch rush, it’s normal to have to wait your turn. There are ways to cut down on wait time like utilizing Disney’s Genie+, Lightning Lane, or mobile ordering, to name a few. But some Guests don’t want to wait at all, which causes issues in the Parks.

“The wait combined with crowds, crying toddlers, the heat or the rain, can lead to frustration for some Guests, and they may be tempted to “cut in front of someone,” Disney Dining writes. While it may be tempting the repercussions are not worth it, and should be motivation enough to wait your turn. Some Guests are genuine, and leave the line to use the restroom and scoot back in. Typically, Guests are sensitive to exceptions like this because it’s understandable. Sometimes, you can’t hold it if your wait time is 85 minutes to ride Space Mountain.

Rock 'n' rollercoaster

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Guests Attempt to Line Jump

It’s the Guests who take advantage and who are under fire and causing havoc on wait lines. One Reddit user recounted a time when a family jumped the line, and the end result was less than magical. Darylboggs wrote,

A German family was sending their boy through the line, then the family would meet up with him, so they’d jump like 30 people at a time. He ended up behind us, and we wouldn’t let him pass because I was watching him. My wife used to be a former cast member, so she knew to call security. We had befriended the people around us, so everyone knew they were line jumping when these people just appeared. The boy was literally trying to dodge around me and I wouldn’t let him pass.

Ultimately, the rest of the family met up with the boy who was informed security had been called. Security interviewed everyone involved and kicked the line-jumping family out. The remaining Guests online cheered with appreciation.

A Crowd Entering Magic Kingdom Park

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Is it worth losing out on your pricey Disney World ticket just to skip a line? Probably not. It’s also important to note that Disney does have strict rules on line cutting and expects all Guests to abide by rules while visiting the Parks. “Disney reserves the right to remove any Guest from the Parks who cannot or will not follow those rules,” Disney Fanatic detailed.

What are your thoughts on line-cutting? Is the rule necessary, or are Guests and Disney alike too tough on the expectations?

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