Restored Animated Film ‘Snow White’ to Make Up for Controversy

Rachel Zegler
Credit: X (Formerly Twitter) Rachel Zegler

Recently, it seems like Disney is always in the headlines for something. Good or bad, news is news, right? As The Walt Disney Company trucks through lawsuits, controversies, theme Park updates, and even hurricanes, it seems like never-ending upkeep. The company is still working effortlessly to move in a positive direction in all avenues of the company regardless of pitfalls.

One direction includes Walt Disney Studios and the production of Disney movies. We all know (and love) the Disney classics like Cinderella (1950), Aladdin (1992) and Hercules (1997). These are films many of us have been brought up on and have played pivotal roles in our childhood. These iconic Disney movies taught us strength, adventure, perseverance, and the true meaning of magic. Many of these Disney animated films became a vital part of animation and how films were created in the industry. With that came one of the most essential films, Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs (1937). The first fully animated film released by Walt Disney featured the first Princess, Snow White.

Snow White

Credit: D23

Of course, plenty of things have changed since 1937. For one, the standards of animation and how films are created have jumped lightyears into the future with new technology. Society standards and acceptance of social norms have also changed over the years. “While 90’s classics such as Beauty and the Beast (1991) and Aladdin proved simple enough to adapt to live-action, Disney has struggled with old masterpieces like Dumbo (1941), Pinocchio (1940), and seemingly, Snow White; after all, these films were made more than eighty years ago, and cultural expectations have shifted,” Forbes writes.

‘Snow White’ Controversy

As Disney moves forward with remakes, Disney fans, and the internet have taken their opinions to social platforms. Controversy struck recently when actress Rachel Zegler was cast as Snow White in the upcoming film. Initially, there was negative feedback because she was of Latina descent, and the Princess is called “white as snow.” In conjunction, Zegler made multiple comments in an interview about the upcoming film release that had the internet spinning.

We previously reported the constructive and mostly critical responses Zegler received from calling Prince Charming “a guy who literally stalks her.” Additionally, she added the film would not be about being saved by a Prince but rather “dreaming about becoming the leader she knows she can be.” Disney fans and really anyone with an X or TikTok account chimed in with their thoughts on the matter, making these videos of Zegler go viral.

Rachel Zegler

Credit: X (Formerly Twitter) Rachel Zegler

What’s interesting is Disney’s lack of comment on the upcoming film set to be released in 2024. Furthermore, they have not released a statement in support of or against their leading lady and newest Disney Princess. While that may be for purposeful reasons, it seems Disney is taking a different approach to sweep things under the rug. They surely are “whistling while they work” with this restored version of the all-time classic.

‘Snow White’ Restored

Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs is being re-released as a restored 4K Blu-ray version on October 10. It can be purchased at retail stores like “Best Buy will have an exclusive steel book version, and Walmart will sell a version that comes with an exclusive pin,” Inside the Magic writes.

Likely, the film will make its way to Disney+ later. As we have already said and very much realize, the film was created in 1937, making the animation more blurred than what is produced today. While it’s a unique and new experience to watch Snow White in a restored light, is this Disney’s way of trying to move past the controversy without actually saying much?

Equally important, there has been no word on a change of release for the 2024 version or if the film will be scrapped altogether. It’s a safe assumption the film will still come out, and maybe Disney is hoping it will simmer down by the time it hits theaters. Moreover, the thought could truly be to fall back in love with the animated film as the restored version depicts the story in a vibrant new light.

What are your thoughts on Snow White?

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