Should You Bring Your Own Stroller or Rent One at Walt Disney World?

If you are planning a Walt Disney World vacation with little ones, you may be weighing the pros and cons of bringing your own stroller vs. renting one when you arrive at each theme park. There are advantages and disadvantages to both stroller options at Walt Disney World, as well as renting a stroller from a third-party company in Orlando.

There isn’t a “right” answer for every family as to which stroller option would work best, but we have the details for each possible option to help you decide what will work for you during your next Disney vacation.

Renting a Disney Stroller


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Many Guests believe renting a Disney stroller is the easiest option, but depending on what else you are considering, this could be the most expensive. Disney stroller rentals vary by price depending on the size of the stroller and location (if visiting Disney Springs rather than a theme park.)

Single strollers can be rented for $15/day or $13/day if you pre-pay for the length of your stay. Double strollers run $31 for the day or $27/day for the length of stay. Both options are available in each of the Walt Disney World theme parks as well as at Disney Springs, rentals at Disney Springs, however, require a $100 credit card deposit.

If you visit multiple Parks in the same day, you can present your receipt at the next park to pick up another stroller without paying the rental fee again.

The convenience in renting a Disney stroller is that you will not need to fold it up and likely empty it out every time you board Disney transportation. And, if you find you actually do not need the stroller at some point during the day, you can always bring it back instead of having to take it with you (as if you brought your own.)

Renting from Disney can be easy and convenient, but since these strollers stay in the Parks this would not be the best option for you if you are visiting destinations outside of Walt Disney World or if you would like to have the stroller with you at your resort.

Bringing Your Own Stroller


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The major pro of bringing your own stroller is the cost because there isn’t one! Some Guests find using their own stroller to be the easiest option because they are familiar with using it, the kids are comfortable with it, and they will have it ready to go whenever they need it without needing to pay anything extra.

Strollers are allowed on all forms of Disney transportation, but they need to be folded up in some instances (such as while on buses) which can be a challenge if kids fall asleep in it or if the stroller is packed with items from a day in the park.

If you bring your own stroller, you will also need to consider how you are getting the stroller to Walt Disney World. If you are flying, you will likely need to pay for another checked item, and if you are driving (especially if you end up in a smaller rental car) you need to make sure you have space for it.

Remember to review Disney’s park rules as there are some limitations on the sizes and types of strollers Guests can bring into the Parks, with the only exceptions made for Guests who are using the stroller as a wheelchair.

Renting from Another Company

ScooterBug Stroller

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The other option for renting a stroller at Walt Disney World is to have a third-party company process your rental and deliver your stroller to your Resort. This often works out to be less expensive than renting daily in the Parks, and it can be helpful if you do want the stroller when you are outside of the Parks, too.

Disney has a partnership with ScooterBug, a local company that in addition to strollers can provide wheelchair and ECV rentals to your resort. You can learn more about renting from ScooterBug here.

However you choose to use a stroller at Walt Disney World, your kiddos will be able to rest assured they’ll have some time off their feet and everything you both need to make the most of your time in the Parks.

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